Single Review: Shania Twain “Don’t”

Album: Greatest Hits
Year: 2005

Shania Twain pleads for a second chance with her boyfriend in the wistful ballad, “Don’t”.

The relationship is already over at the single’s start. Twain hopes that he still has feelings lingering for her. Maybe, if he does, they can try their relationship again. She still loves him and isn’t ready to give up yet. She tries to calm his temper down as she speaks to him. (“Don’t.. don’t you wish we tried/Do you feel what I feel inside…Don’t.. no don’t/Let your anger grow”). From her point of view, her boyfriend has questions about what happened. However, he doesn’t any interest in speaking with her at all and walks out of the room. (“Just tell me what you need me to know/Please talk to me don’t close the door”).

She tells her boyfriend not to quarrel with her anymore. She only wants the opportunity to apologize and make things right again. However, her boyfriend has shut her out and told her get of his house. He told her he can no longer trust her and doesn’t want anything to do with her. She believes they can make it through this rough patch and move on. (“Don’t fight.. don’t argue/Give me the chance to say that I’m sorry/Just let me love you/Don’t turn me away.. don’t tell me to go/Don’t.. don’t give up on trust/Don’t give up on me.. on us/We could just hold on long enough/We can do it.. we’ll get through it”).

Her boyfriend is justifying his anger. However, she knows yelling at each other will not solve their problems. She thinks his hasty decision to break up with her will be something he will regret. (“Don’t pretend that it’s ok/Things won’t get better that way/And don’t do something you might regret someday/Don’t../Don’t give up on me”).

“Don’t” finally has Twain expressing some emotion. She’s despondent in the verses and reassuring in the chorus. The lyrics could be fleshed out more, however. What exactly did she do? What should she be apologizing for?


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