Single Review: Vitamin C “The Itch”

The Itch
Album: More
Year: 2000

In the opening of the teen movie “Get Over It,” Vitamin C can be seen lip-synching to Captain & Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.” A high school marching band appears. People run across the street. All the while, Berke Landers (Ben Foster) is oblivious. Then the movie starts and it’s downhill from there.

Vitamin C also provided the brazen ,cool single, “The Itch” for the soundtrack. In the single, she has gotten tired of dating her boyfriend and is ready to move on to someone new. She lets out a matter-of-fact laugh, as if to say to her boyfriend, “you didn’t expect me to leave you.”

She lets her boyfriend down easy by telling him that although he may be in love with her, he doesn’t know a thing about her. She wants a spontaneous relationship not a predictable one. (“you think you love me but you don’t really me/don’t you wanna hurt you (hurt you baby)/wanna go ride, not a backseat drive”). He doesn’t do anything for her. (“something inside that you can’t provide”).

She’s restless and wants out of the relationship. (“I’m feeling the itch again/I need to get tricked again/I’m starting to twitch again/I feel the itch again”).

She feels sort of awful for leaving him. He does affect her emotionally but she’s not the type to stay long. She can’t offer any guarntees about her fidelity and opts to break up with him before she does cheat. (“you can hurt me, but you can’t really hold me…don’t wanna be cold, but I’m out of control…wish I could, but I can’t be good”).

In the bridge, she tells him she wants to sow her wild oats before settling down. She reminds him of her personality flaw and says he’s not the one for her. (“Cause I want to go down before I feel my heart/Now don’t you know that I get restless/You can’t reach where I be scratching/So feel the itch again”).

Vitamin C is essentially, the updated version of 80s one hit-wonder Stacey Q (“Two of Hearts,” “We Connect”). Like Stacey Q, she released slinky electro pop with a detached flair.


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