Single Review: Fefe Dobson “Don’t Go (Girls & Boys)”

Don’t Go (Girls & Boys)
Album: N/A (Unreleased)
Year: 2004

Fefe Dobso’s confronting her sexuality in the updated synth pop of “Don’t Go (Girls & Boys)”

She’s bicycling around in New York when she passes the train station. She notices a person who’s alone and doesn’t have anywhere to sit. Although she tries to be mysterious, the sun is the only thing which can expose her. She wears the sunglasses to hide herself from the sun. She is determined to reach an unmentioned goal. However, it does have to with her point of view on relationships. Hmmmm……(“I was ridin’ my bike on 43rd street/Past the station and/There’s one person without a seat/Got my sunnies ’cause the sun just/Keeps on lookin’ right through me/Ain’t nobody gonna stop me/Baby can’t you see”). Could her goal be telling her friend she’s a lesbian? She’s afraid for being seen for who she is. The person she is speaking to also doesn’t have a gender.

In the first part of chorus, she first begs her friend not to go and listen to her. She says all relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual. are valid .Everyone should be accepted for who they are. (“Don’t go/Girls and boys should be together/don’t go/Girls and boys can rule the world/Don’t go/Boys and boys should be together/Don’t go/Girls and girls can rule the world”). Here, she’s trying to express her views without outing herself. She’s not ready to come out yet.

She wears clown clothing which her friend can also fit into, alluding further that the person is a girl. Although rich and established people have her as the cover girl for their magazines, she rather spend the time with her friend. (“I’ve got jumbo polka-dotted trousers/With the empty pockets/It’s funny to me that the two of us/Could fit in one pair/
Kings and queens on magazines/That have me on the cover/But none of that compares to/Just one night alone with you/And what you do”). The person on the cover isn’t her. She’s not that image of the pretty, fashionable girl. Instead, she prefers baggy clothing and hanging out in relaxed envoirnment with her friends.

The third verse is nearly the same as the first. She’s riding her bike and sees the person that doesn’t have anyplace to sit. (“I was just ridin’ my bike on 43rd street…One person without a seat”). She’s fallen hard for her friend and finds herself humming love songs. (“You got me wishin’ I was just a little/Squirrel at your window/Got me whistlin’ a song/I thought I never could like/Just for you”).

The ambigious and subtextual “Don’t Go” can make for a few confusing listens until the lyrics are heard without the overproduction of Dobson’s voice. Dobson sounds like Mandy Moore at certain points. Her voice can be nasal and she overenuciates some words. “Don’t Go” is a neat find and a welcome departure for Dobson, who had gotten stuck singing bland fem rock.


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