Single Review: Fefe Dobson “Everything”

Album: Fefe Dobson
Year: 2004

Fefe Dobson is involved in an one-sided relationship in the rock ballad, “Everything”

She finds herself depressed in the relationship often. She doesn’t let herself cry all the time over him and will try to avoid dealing with it. It’s a dramatic relationship and she gets caught up in it. However, she will choose to not let his problems control what’s going on with them. (“Sometimes I give into sadness sometimes I don’t/Sometimes I’m part of the madness sometimes I won’t/give in to you”).

He’s not letting her into his life. It’s like she’s hanging on, trying to decode his actions
and not having much luck. (“Ya see in a way I have been drifting down a river to nowhere/and you’re giving me nothing”).

In the chorus, She offers to give him one more chance. However, he has to promise he’s going to be communicative and loving towards her. If he can, she will love him back, too. But if he doesn’t make a decision soon, she will leave him. (“But if you’re ready to be my everything/if you’re ready to see it through this time/and if you’re ready for love then/this I will bring/but I’m not gonna wait for you forever this time”).

She’s miserable and the smiles she does manage are forced. He attempts to make her feel bad for the ultimatum. She brushes off his nauseating pet names and tells him it’s not going to work like it did in the past. She’s been waiting for the right time to tell him what’s on her mind. (“At times I feel myself smiling at times I’m not/what’s with that guilt that you’re styling baby talk/don’t look good on you/ya see in a way I have been looking for a reason to go there/and you’re leading me nowhere”).

By the bridge, she’s wondering what is it going to take for him to talk to her. She’s been waiting to hear from him in order to move on. She wants to know if he is able to really love her now. (“Are you waiting for a special occasion to give me your heart/cause I need a little confirmation to make a real start/don’t wait till it’s too late are you ready to show me/are you ready to love me”).

The generic “Everything” lacks moodiness and restlessness required to make the song work.


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