Single Review: Kiley Dean “Make Me A Song”

Make Me A Song
Album: Simple Girl (unreleased)
Year: 2003

Kiley Dean brownnoses producer Timbaland for a hit in the dreadful “Make Me A Song”

First, Timbaland promotes Missy Elliott’s 2003 CD, “This Is Not A Test” by repeating the phrase for nearly a half minute. (“What you hear is not a test…What you hear is not a test”).

Then, Dean admires her supposedly hot body and compliments herself on her cool clothing and awesome life. She hears a song on the radio on the radio and leaves her friends to go to Timbaland’s recording studio in Los Angeles. She wants Timbaland to write a similar song for her album. (“I’m on a mission/Sun is out/My skin is glistenin’/Got my jeans on/Tank top, chillin/With my girlfriends/Looking fabulous/My tan is just amazin’/Turn it up/That song is blazin’/(Call Me)/I’m headed to LA and/Gotta make sure I ask Timbaland”).

In the chorus, she demands a top-notch guaranteed hit written for her by Timbaland and Missy Elliott. She names two of Timbaland’s and Elliott’s most popular songs: “Rock The Boat” by Aailyah and Elliott’s own “Get Ur Freak On.” Timbaland says he will.She refers herself in the third person, a sign of vanity, and wants to sing music she will enjoy. (“Can you give a song like/Rock The Boat (Ok),Rock The Boat/Rock The Boat/Can you give me a song/That you and Missy wrote (She’s dope)/Missy wrote/Missy wrote/Somethin’ like Get Ur Freak On/Cause Kiley needs something to sing on (Ohh)/Make me something I can get my groove on/Somethin’ I can get my groove on”).

Nonetheless, Timbaland doesn’t even bother to change the notes from Aaliyah’s song. Dean copies Aaliyah’s vocal inflections note by note which only show that her voice is monotone and apathetic.

In the second verse, she’s at the recording studio hanging out with Timbaland. Timbaland just adores her and was so excited to see her once she arrived. She then namedrops another Blackground lablemate, rapper Bubba Sparxx. She says that Tim (to her, ’cause she knows him and the people listening don’t, nyah nyay nyah nyah) is working on a song and likes it so far. Timbaland wants to know why she’s there. (“3 o’clock at the studio/Timbaland is playin/Felt the love in the room/Soon as I hit the door/Bubba’s pacin’ around gettin’ ready to flow/Tim is in the corner doin’ a track/Bobbin’ his head/I know he’s feelin’ that….And he looks my way/And he asks me what I wanna do/And I say”). Ok, listeners here are the key messages Blackground is trying to send out about their label: everybody is really nice, it’s a great, big happy family and the non-famous like Dean are tolerated.

For the third verse, Dean talks about the song after it’s been made. He asked her advice about the beats. Then, he changed it up some and she began to dance to it. Timbaland says the song was just for her. Awwwww! Dean congratulates herself for telling him to create a song for her. (“And then he asked if I liked this…And then he flipped it/We’re gettin in the groove/He says it’s just for you/And I’m glad I asked”).

After the chorus is sung twice, Timbaland tells Dean he has a song for her. (“I think I got somethin’ for you”).

This song really does exist. Really. K-Mart used to sell the single. Of course, the few times I’ve gone there the same two copies have been in the singles section. In “Make Me A Song,” no one comes across well. Dean’s a vain, egotistical background singer who thinks she’s important while Timbaland is lazy and focused on promoting the artists who do actually sell albums on the Blackground label.


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