Single Review: Mariah Carey & Mystikal “Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica)”

Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica)
Album: Glitter
Year: 2001

In the unoriginal “Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica),” Mariah Carey makes a cameo in her own single while Mystikal sticks to his catchphrases.

The single opens with the same horn intro from Tom Brown “Funkin’ For Jamaica.” DJ Clue beefs up the bass, however, it makes little difference. The snippets of conversation in the original have been replaced by Mystikal’s rap.

Mystikal, in his ear-splitting voice, manages to say his signature catchphrase in less than a minute and tells people to dance. He brags that he doesn’t let the beat do the work for him. Instead, he it makes better with his raps. He lets people know they are listening to funk and says it’s Mariah’s turn to sing. (“It ain’t nothin’ that you can do with the man/Except for shake your ass clap your hands/Bob your head and move your feet/I ain’t the type of rapper just to ride a beat/I set the track on fire/I take the roof the house and knock out your tires/It’s the funk in here/Let Mystikal move you and Mariah sing”).

Mariah, whispering unintelligebly, encourages Mystikal to keep going. She tells the DJ to turn her music higher and asks Mystikal how he wants her to move. She likes him, proving she has horrible taste in modern hip-hop. Meanwhile, Mystikal tries to make his popularity last a bit longer by incorpating a phrase of “Shake Ya Ass” into the single. (“Don’t stop baby/It’s ecstasy (watch yourself)/Turn me up a little higher/Baby light my fire/Tell me every little thing you wanna do (do it again do it again)/I’m into you (get on the floor)/Don’t stop baby (shake your ass, shake your ass/It’s ecstasy (party shake the whole grill)….I just wanna love you (bob your head and move your feet”).

Mystikal claims the single is going to be a hit because of him. He prides himself on the amount of profanity he uses and obnoxiousness. He also compares himself to a train and to spicy food. Apparently, giving people heartburn and ulcers with all the bile he spews.. He’s the hottest rapper right now and everybody wants to dance to his music. He likes the money he has gotten from selling all the albums and says he’s talented. (“…And what they didn’t know about me then I bet they know now/I’m ’bout to prove my fame/So just get out the way and let me do it again…I’m known to be more vulgar than the garbage truck sucka/You can’t stop a train…You ain’t louder than this/I’m like a bowl of gumbo you ain’t hotter than this/
I’m what they play in the club/I keep them movin’ till I leave that’s what they payin’ me for/You already know what I do/So have my money and my munchies and my cigars too/I’m known for bringin’ the heat the heat”).

Mystikal tells people to have fun and enjoy themselves. He gurantees that “Don’t Stop” will become a number one hit. He challenges someone to say it’s not going to happen and that he’s not stupid to collaborate on a awful single. Oops. (“Go ahead and party…Keep laughin’ till your mouth tired…Get on the floor…It’s another number one debut fa’ sure/Now say it ain’t real/And if I ain’t a fool why you can’t keep still, sing”).

In the bridge, Mariah’s forced high notes are strained. However, she does manage to save it by singing in a normal range with some harmonizing and adding her trademark dog whistle effect to it. She’s liking the song and references the original. (“I feel it (hey hey)/And I let it get into me (fa’ sure fa’ sure)/Jamaican funk that’s what it was oh (dance dance)/Let it get into you (watch yourself watch yourself”).

This is Mariah Carey’s worst single to date. It’s an example of how ineffectively she was running her career: relying on samples and rappers to carry the song, barely singing and nonexistent in her own music, etc.


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