Single Review: Toni Basil “Over My Head”

Over My Head
Album: Toni Basil
Year: 1983

Toni Basil is involved in a forbidden romance in the unknown New wave single “Over My Head.”

The somber “Over My Head” is the opposite of “Mickey.” The single is dark and reserved rock song which is unexpected given the peppiness she is known for.

She’s paranoid, looking over her shoulder to see if anyone is watching her meet with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend hide their affection for each other. She likes taking the chance they may get caught (“we better look out ’cause suspicious eyes are watching/don’t let them see us holding hands/I know that you and I should never be seen talkin’/I kinda like the razor’s edge”).

She’s a risk-taker as she explains in one thrill-seeking and two circus comparisons. (“I always go for danger, I like to walk the tightrope/I like to do my show without a net/It never fails I fall into the deepest ocean,/not knowing if I sink or swim”).

But she’s knows this time she’s gone too far and is going to pay for dating him. (“Oh I’m over my head/over my head”).

They have their rendevous late at night. She pretty much needs to have a flashlight to find out where he is. However, it’s worth it that someone may find out it’s her. (“we’re always meeting the in the dark/it’s hard to see you/I’ll feel my way/I’ll take a chance/Risking exposure every time I come to meet you”).

She’s grown fearful and instinctively knows it’s not going to last forever. It feels like am movie to her, not real life. She’s in love with him, though (“I got a feelin’ this time I can’t take it/the game I’m playing it’s so unreal/although I’ve fallen so fast already”).

At the end of the chorus, Basil yells impressively within range and matches the wailing of the guitar.

“Over My Head” is not the best single to ever nor does it top “Mickey.” However, it’s a unlikely side of the pop star worth discovering.


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