Single Review: Anastascia “Heavy On My Heart”

Heavy On My Heart
Album: Anastacia
Year: 2005

Anastacia is depressed without her boyfriend in the dull ballad “Heavy On My Heart.”

After the weepy acoustic guitars and inspiring strings begin the single, Anastacia says that she is unable to move after her boyfriend has left. She heaves lonely sighs and fights back tears. She knows he’s around but she’s not with him. (“I try to fly away but it’s impossible/
And every breath I take gives birth to deeper sighs/And for a moment I am weak/So it’s hard for me to speak/Even though we’re underneath the same blue sky”).

She then compares her heartache to soapy, mixed metaphors. The music in heart doesn’t play because she can’t draw it. The easel in her mind sings. It’s like a Disney movie but without the talking animals to give her comfort. (“If I could paint a picture of this melody/It would be a violin without its strings/And the canvas in my mind/Sings the songs I left behind/Like pretty flowers and a sunset”).

The pain is too much and she can’t find any motivation. She wants him to come home and release her from having to be indenpendent for a while. (“It’s heavy on my heart/I can’t make it alone/Heavy on my heart/I can’t find my way home/Heavy on my heart/So come and free me/It’s so heavy on my heart”).

In the second verse, she has had good and horrible times in her life. However, spending time with her boyfriend was the best her life had been. She’s facing reality he’s coming back and it’s getting harder to repress the denial. It was inevitable like nature. (“I’ve had my share of pleasure/And I’ve tasted pain/I never thought that I would touch an angel’s wings/There’s a journey in my eyes/It’s getting hard for me to hide/Like the ocean at the sunrise”).

In the bridge, she asks her boyfriend for help and guidance. She’s unable to be her own person. If she doesn’t get him back in her life soon, she will have to find herself which she can’t fathom doing.(“Love, can you find me in the darkness, and love,/Don’t let me down/There’s a journey in my eyes/It’s getting hard for me to hide/And I never thought I’d touch an angel’s wings”).

“Heavy On My Heart” is a sluggish, poorly written single which already sounds dated by two decades.


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