Single Review: Ashanti “Don’t Let Them”

Don’t Let Them
Album: Concrete Rose
Year: 2005

Ashanti tells her boyfriend to ignore people’s negative comments about her in the repetitive “Don’t Let Them.”

The single opens with the chorus sung twice. Ashanti is insecure about the relationship and needs reassurance that he’s not going to leave. (“Say that you want me/Say that you’ll never leave me/You gotta tell me you need me/Dont let them take your love away”).

People have told Ashanti that he’s the not the right guy for her. While other people think she’s fickle and she soon find somebody else that is better for her. However, Ashanti points out that it’s her life and she make herself miserable if she wants to. She gets defensive and claims she has never said she knew everything about life. But she knows when her boyfriend isn’t right beside her, she can’t function and can’t do everyday activitities. She wants to him stay to prove everybody wrong. (“Some say that I am a fool to love you/And some say that I’m too dumb to know what’s right for me/But only I can live my life, and only I can fill my heart ache/I never play to know everything but I know when your love’s away/I can’t sleep and I can’t eat and I can’t live and I can’t breathe/So don’t make a fool of me, just love me”).

People are warning her that she will get hurt and eventually, he will leave her for somebody else.. However, Ashanti refuses to listen and thinks it’s going to last forever. If he breaks up with her, then everybody will be right and she doesn’t want that to happen. Having a boyfriend gives her high self-esteem. Once he’s gone, she’ll be back hating herself more than she does now. (“Now they say that me loving you will hurt me/And they say its a matter of time before you break my heart/But even when were far apart I always feel that you are with me/I hope and pray almost everyday that our love never goes away/Cuz I can’t see where I would me without your love all over me/So don’t make a fool of me just me and say”).

By the bridge, she’s hanging onto him for her dear life, saying that he’s the only person she needs in her life. (“Baby your all, all that I need, need in my life, right here with me”).

Much like the rest of Ashanti’s other singles, the song is mostly chorus. Except in this single she mumbles her way through the wordy lyrics, making certain words unintelligible and can’t keep up with the beat.

In “Don’t Let Them,” Ashanti is co-dependent and naive. Ashanti thinks she’s in this major forbidden romance that others can’t understand. Meanwhile the people in her life can see that she’s using him to escape from her own emotional problems and to prove a point to them.


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