Single Review: Belinda Carlise “(We Want) The Same Thing”

(We Want) The Same Thing
Album: Runaway Horses
Year: 1990

Belinda Carlisle works to repair the damaged relationship with her ex-boyfriend in the straightforward rock single “(We Want) The Same Thing”

Carlisle argues that life is too short to be indecisive. They fight over small, pointless. However, it’s because they have similar goals: to root out the problems of the relationship and fix them. They have changed over the years and are not the same people as when they began dating. But her feelings for him are still as strong as they were then. She wants them to try again and not to give up. She sees her future with him. Whether or they express it or not, they are searching for the same needs in life. (“Here is my case,/We’ve got no time to waste,/Cuz we want the same thing./We’re fighting a war,/But we don’t know what for,/Cuz we want the same thing/I know we’re different now/Different as night and day/But still I want you/I just want you to stay/I wanna take this chance/I wanna be with you/Cuz what you’re looking for/I am looking for too”).

In the chorus, Carlisle says they share the same dreams. However, they have to believe they can acheive them together. (“We dream the same dream/We want the same thing…ooh/And all the we need is to see it together/We dream the same dream/We want the same thing…ooh/For now, for love, forever, amen”).

She instinctively knows he feels as she does. They have to cut through the drama and secrets in order to get to the same place. Despite what cruel words they have said, mind games they have played and the endless fights, the relationship can be salvaged. However, they know they still love each other. (“I look in your eyes and/I know deep inside that/We want the same thing/Breaking the chains that/Just keep us in shame/Cuz we want the same thing/No matter what we say/No matter what we do/Beyond the battlelines/Baby, we know what’s true”).

Carlisle’s throaty, passionate vocals are engaging and convincing. On rock-oriented singles like “…The Same Thing,” she returns to the style which she mastered on the Go-Go’s classic album, “Talk Show.” Another brilliant single from one of my favorite singers.


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