Single Review: Boomkat “What U Do 2 Me”

What U Do 2 Me
Year: 2003

Taryn Manning is in heat after seeing a good-looking guy in the club in the trashy dance pop of “What U Do 2 Me.”

A West Coast wannabe hip hop sample with computerized “ooh yeahs” with strip club synths open the single. Taryn asks her girlfriends if they know the guy she’s interested in. He’s dressed well which is enough to impress her. But then again, she’s only looking for a one night stand. It’s the only other requirement aside from being hot. She tells her friends she’s going to go over there. She practices her pick up lines by telling him how hot he is and teases that he should like her, too. Then, she offers to give it up and is ready to go ASAP if necessary. (“Who’s that boy across the room/ Lookin’ fine from head to shoes/Hold my drink I think we need to be/properly introduced/You’re beautiful/I hope it’s mutual/Well if your down then I’ll come down/Lets get on down to it”).

In the chorus, Taryn “whoa whoa yeahs” that she likes how he makes her feel and she can’t stop staring at him. (“Whoa whoa yeah, whoa whoa yeah (what u do to me)/Whoa whoa yeah, whoa whoa yeah (I think i like it)/Whoa whoa yeah, whoa whoa yeah (I just can’t keep my eyes of you baby)”

She cheers knowingly after she sees him walking towards her. She tells her friends to shut up and scrambles to remember her pick-up lines. She then tells them to let her have time alone with him. (“Oh yeah, he’s comin this way/Shh…Let me think of something smooth to say (uh)/Hold my drink and go tell the dj to play”). She uses the lines in the pre-chorus to seduce him. (“you’re beautiful…let’s get on down to it”).

After some record scratching, Kellin Manning advertises that the listeners are hearing Boomkat in the most unenthuastic way. (“Boomkat in the house”).

Taryn asks the guy his name and mentions it’s the first time she’s ever seen in the club. However, even in music, she typecasts herself as the wild girl from the trailer park. She delivers the line in ghetto-speak, making it seem like she’s in a dive club in the suburbs. (“So baby what’s your name, anyway?/I’ve never seen you here before”).

She unashamed to beg him to dance suggestively with him on the dance floor and then sleep with him after they leave. (“I ain’t to proud to beg/Come on let’s bump and grind/All the way straight into bed/Your place or mine?”).

For some reason she calls him a baby. Instead of calling him hers, she says he’s immature. However, all that was needed was the word “my” instead “a” for the lyric not to come out wrong. (“You’re a baby, You’re a baby/What ya do to me/You’re a baby, You’re a baby/What ya do to me/What u do to me, I think I like it’).

In movies, Taryn manages to make her bad girl characters sympathetic and complex. However, she can’t play the same character in music without being one-dimensional and cocky.


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