Single Review: Expose “Point of No Return”

Point of No Return
Album: Exposure
Year: 1985

In the 1980s, Expose were like Destiny’s Child but with even more drama. The 1985 version “Point of No Return” was recorded by the original lineup of Sandee, Laurie Miller, and Ali. According to Lewis Martinee, who created Expose, the group broke up before the album’s release due to infighting.

Then, Martinee said ex-Expose members chose their replacements: Jeannette Jurado, Gioia Bruno, and Ann Curless. When later pressings of the album were released, Jurado was the lead singer on the 1985 single.

Despite who or who isn’t singing lead, the frisky “Point of No Return” is still enjoyable.

Synthesizers open the song briefly, leading to the pounding drum machines. Ali can’t believe she’s in love. It makes her feel whole and when they are spending time together, she can’t contain herself. (“Common love seems just like a dream/It’s a mystery to me/Fills me within when we’re together/Oh, baby, can’t you see”). Her hormones are jumping every time she sees him and she can’t keep her hands off him. (“I’d like to feel the passion/To the point of no return/I will be in full reaction/I’m gonna take you in my arms”).

In the chorus, she tells her boyfriend she has fallen for hard for him and she isn’t going to search for anyone else. (“You’re taking me to the point of no return/You’re taking me to the point of no return”).

Ali’s cynicism regarding love is gone. Her boyfriend can only give her a tender smile and she swoons. (“It took so long, life of denial/The love you give to me/And when you smile, it warms my heart and me/Oh, baby, can’t you see”).

The pre-chorus is repeated again (“I’d like to feel the passion…I’m gonna take you in my arms”).

During the instrumental interlude, the synthesizer plays the chorus section. Then, a guitar flares up in the background, silencing the synthesizer. The guitar adds a rock touch to an otherwise freestyle dance song.

At the end, Ali tells him she wants to spend each day and night with him. (“I wanna be with you, baby/I wanna be by your side/I wanna be with you, baby/I wanna love you every night”).


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