Single Review: Fantasia “Truth Is”

Truth Is
Album: Free Yourself
Year: 2005

Fantasia bumps into an old boyfriend and romantic feelings resurface for him in the mellow R&B of “Truth Is”

She’s at the store, perhaps, when she hears someone say her name. To her surprise, it was a guy she dated back in high school. They exchange small talk. He talks about his long-term girlfriend excitedly as he proudly shows Fantasia a picture of her. (“Ran into an old friend yesterday/Caught me by surprise when he called my name/He was a familiar face, from a chapter in my past/Talked for a while, asked him how it’s been/Said that he was seeing somebody and/Told me this was gonna last/Showing me her photograph”).

Fantasia’s heart sinks. She disappointed and that little part of her which hoped that they could go meet for coffee and date dies. She forces a smile as he talks to her about his new life. (“And all the feelings that I thought were gone/Came rushing back to me at once/Tried to smile and hide the way I felt/But I was thinking to myself”).

She realizes that she had always wanted him in her life. She envies his girlfriend and wishes she was in the photograph. She’s still has strong feelings for him. It was a mistake for her to break up with him in high school and it’s hurts. “(Truth is) I never got over you/(Truth is) Wish I was standing in her shoes/(Truth is) And when it’s all said and done/Guess I’m still in love with you/(Truth is) I never should have let you go/(Truth is) And it’s killing me cuz now I know/(Truth is) And when it’s all said and done/Guess I’m still in love with you”).

Over lunch, they talk about the past: who they knew, what is was like, silly things they had done and the places they had gone to as a couple. They discuss the tragedies and celebrations they’ve had since graduation. After he pays for lunch, he promises to keep in touch and they part. Meanwhile, Fantasia allows for the afternoon with him to sink in. It was over as quickly as it happened. Now, she is left with her lingering feelings which she didn’t know were there. (“We reminisce on the way things used to be/Shared a couple laughs, shared some memories/Talked about the things that changed/Some for good and some for bad/
Then he said good-bye and he paid for lunch/Promised that we’d always keep in touch/Grabbed my bags and grabbed my thoughts, walked away and that was that”).

In the bridge, Fantasia blames herself and regrets breaking up with him. She tries to forget it but it keeps nagging her. (“Now the truth is it hurts but I know that the fault is mine/‘Cuz I let him go/Tried to get over it but it’s messin’ with my mind (Because I know)”

After the chorus is sung twice, Fantasia admits she’s still loves him. (“I just gotta be honest, I guess, I-I guess, I’m still in love, in love, in love”).

The situation is written realistically. It’s also detailed, going into what they discussed and her conflicted emotions. It’s subtle, leaving listeners wonder if she will call him or try to move on.

With the exception of Ruben Studdard, American Idol viewers have picked talented singers to win the competitions.She delivers the verses in a composed but dismayed manner , as though she was really holding back tears. “Truth Is” shows Fantasia has potential to sing emotionally heavier material in the future.


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