Single Review: Jet “Look What You’ve Done”

Look What You’ve Done
Album: Get Born
Year: 2004

Cameron Muncey, lead singer of Jet, has lost respect for his co-dependent girlfriend in the cold “Look What You’ve Done.”

A soft piano begins the single. Then, a resigned Muncey tells her to put his picture away if she doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. He has gone through this many times. She’s played every manipulative game and this threat is empty, just like the others. (“Take my photo off the wall/If it just won’t sing for you/’Cause all that’s left has gone away/And there’s nothing there for you to prove”).

In the chorus, he tells her nobody trusts her or wants anything to do with her. She may have enjoyed the attention and sympathy from other people. However, they now see through her. (“Oh, look what you’ve done/You’ve made a fool of everyone/Oh well, it looks like such fun/Until you lose what you had won”).

He gently demands to his own thoughts returned. Whatever he says it’s right, she’s agrees with it. She does not have a mind of her own. He has begun to tune her out and in a passive-aggressive way tells her to make her own decisions. (“Give me back my point of view/’Cause I just can’t think for you/I can hardly hear you say/What should I do, well you choose”).

The chorus is then repeated twice before the start of the third verse. However, he emphasizes her humilation of everyone, including him by saying “you made a fool of everyone/a fool of everyone/a fool of everyone”).

In the third verse, listeners are back at the beginning of the song. But he tells her efforts to guilt him into staying aren’t going to work. (“’cause all that’s left has gone away/and there is nothing left for you to do”).

The chorus is repeated again with him saying “a fool of everyone” at the end.

Muncey, although calm, seems to be embarassed to be taken into by her. He is frustrated and angry but is passive-aggressive about it. “Look What You’ve Done” describes a complex relationship with simplicity and ease.


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