Single Review: Sheryl Crow “Light In Your Eyes”

Light In Your Eyes
Album: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow
Year: 2004

Sheryl Crow is an optimist and cheers up a good friend with her same attitude in the perky “Light In Your Eyes.”

Twangy guitars open the single, giving the song a country western feel. Crow notices some subtle changes going on in her life. However, she is unafraid of it and looks forward to what else may happen. (“Something’s happenin’/cause everything’s different,/but everything is fine, yeah”). The not knowing of what the future will bring is how to live. The events which happened in the past are long over. Dwelling on the past only will cause people to keep repeating the negative events, despite the time which has passed. (“Cause this is the good stuff/and yesterday is only what you leave behind/it’s only in your mind”).

She advises her friend to talk with someone who knows them really them well and brings out the best in them. (“You gotta talk to the one who made you/talk to the one who understands/talk to the one who gave you/all that light in your eyes/all that light in your eyes”).

She tells her friend that not to forget who she was 10 years ago, despite being a happier person now. It’s a brand new start for her friend and she hasn’t missed any special step to being who she is now. Crow tells her she’s always been an idealist. It’s only now that her friend is realizing it. (“No use pretendin’/you never existed/til you saw the light, yeah/ you’re just beginning/you haven’t missed it/it’s all ahead of you,/and you know what to do”).

Crow plays armchair psychologist and says the world is arriving to her friend, full of mystery and new things to discover. Her friend accepts the world. Awwww. If her friend were a guest on Dr. Phil, he’d say she had a breakthrough right now and is indeed, ready to take on the world. (“Here comes the world/and she is beautifully mysterious/she’s got it all/and you say give it to me”). The twangy guitar returns to break up the verses.

Crow doesn’t like being around negative people anymore. They dirty her pristine aura. It’s not the way she is and sees the negative people hiding their true selves. (“nobody’s happy/that’s not the world I know inside/where everybody hides”).

Crow thanks the close friend who helped her to see a positive view of the world. It was her friend’s energy who helped her find a better way to live her life. (“Yeah, thank you, thank you/yeah…yeah, thank you, thank you/for the light in your eyes/yeah, thank you, thank you/yeah…yeah, thank you, thank you,/for the light in your eyes/for the light in your eyes”).

Crow’s vocals are bright, matching well with the upbeat arrangement.

“Light In Your Eyes” begins with good intentions but then slowly becomes vapid and judgemental. At the end, if someone is having an awful day and feeling terrible about it, they haven’t yet discovered how to really live their lives. It’s as though Crow is denying any pain she may feel in the future and try to shrug it off with a happy face.


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