Single Review: Spice Girls “Holler”

Album: Forever
Year: 2000

Spice Girls forgo their original pop sound for American R&B in the derivative, kinky “Holler.”

Written and produced Rodney Jerkins, “Holler” imitates songwriters Kevin Briggs and Kandi’s MIDI instrumentration, which he uses in the beginning.(Destiny’s Child “Bug A Boo, Pink “There U Go”). Jerkins advertises underneath the drums and bass that is the Spice Girls by Darkchild 2000.

The Spice Girls (who finally get a word in edgewise), begin with parts of the chorus: they want to make their boyfriends have an orgasm. They ask their boyfriends to fantasize being with them and to not be shy. (“I wanna make you holler/Imagine us together/ Don’t be afraid to play my game”).

Mel B.tells her boyfriend not to take his time. If he doesn’t decide soon, she’ll move on to another guy. She invites him to her bedroom, telling him he will enjoy his stay and that he will like her ways of arousing him. She assures him he will be satsified throughout the night. (“Boy, don’t you hesitate/I won’t keep waiting for you/To come on let me take/You to my fantasy room/You gonna like it there/And all the things that I do/I’ll treat you right/All through the night”).

Mel C. it’s his choice and she’ll submit to whatever he wants her to do. She’ll play any role in their game. (“We can do anything/I’ll take you all the places you wanna be/I’ll be your fantasy/Everything you want you will find in me/If you play my game yeah”).

In the chorus, the Spice Girls once again reiteriate that they will give their boyfriends an orgasm. They want to hear their boyfriends say their names for giving them such pleasure. However, they will like to tease and toy with them first. They tell their boyfriends the fantasies are more than they can handle. Soon, the boyfriends will be unable to resist them. (“I wanna make you holler/And hear you scream my name (My name)/I’ll give you rules to follow (I’ll)/So you can play my game (Play my game)/Imagine us together (Together)/It’s driving you insane (Driving you insane)/You will give in to me (into me fine)/Don’t be afraid to play my game (To play my game)”

Emma Bunton says one of the rules is that she has to go first. She gives him directions on what to do and again, tells him not to be shy. (“So what you’re gonna do/Now that I’ve got you with me/You gotta show me boy/Cause nothing comes for free/Start from the bottom and/work your way absolutely/Don’t be afraid to play my game”).

The Spice Girls trade parts for the pre-chorus. However, their voices are obscured by the overproduction making it difficult to hear who’s who. Mel C. says she is prepared to sleep with him all night and checking things off the Purity Test that he doesn’t done yet. She says it will be a secret between them and no one will ever find out. (“We can go all night long/Doing things you thought you would never do/I want let you know/I won’t tell anyone/What we do it’s just for me and you/So come and play my game”).

After the chorus is sung twice, Jerkins interrupts and says “holler” but adds a record-scratching to it which quickly gets irritating. Next, the second verse is repeated. Then, it’s the chorus is sung another two times to end the song.

The appeal of the Spice Girls was their cheekiness. The raunch was their clothing while the lyrics were kept innocent. Jerkins, however, turns them into a typical R&B girl group. The Spice Girls are awkward and frigid in their delivery. Without the lively pop to guide them, the Spice Girls are lost.


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