Single Review: Crowded House “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Don’t Dream It’s Over
Album: Crowded House
Year: 1986

Neil Finn comforts his girlfriend, explaining that they have made their way through a problematic time in a relationship in the tender ballad “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

People are independent and can find an abundance of it throughout the world. Currently, Neil Finn and his girlfriend are headed towards a major fight about the existing flaws in their relationship. Many relationships do not survive multiple conflicts. However, he reassures her that they are a team and will travel through life together. (“There is freedom within, there is freedom without/Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup/ There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost/But you’ll never see the end of the road/While you’re traveling with me”).

He consoles his despondent girlfriend and says the fight is over. Friends and family may try to pit them against each other and destroy the relationship they have. However, Neil vows not to let outside influences ruin their love. (“Hey now, hey now/Don’t dream it’s over/Hey now, hey now/When the world comes in/They come, they come/To build a wall between us/We know they won’t win”).

There is a lot of destruction in the world. For him, his car has been totaled. He notices a gaping hole and thinks it may have been something he had in his car. However, he thinks perhaps someone else may have done the damage. As he reads the paper, there are stories of wars going on and people throwing away good land. But his girlfriend is unaware of current events and prefers to read the features section. (“Now I’m towing my car, there’s a hole in the roof/My possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof/In the paper today tales of war and of waste/But you turn right over to the T.V. page”).

He tentivealy approaches his girlfriend’s emotions with care. However, she doesn’t reveal much and he can’t figure out what she’s thinking. He encourages her to talk to him and free herself of the hurt she’s been dealing with. (“Now I’m walking again to the beat of a drum/And I’m counting the steps to the door of your heart/Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof/Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief”).

In the chorus, he believes that eventually his girlfriend will turn on him and no longer want to be with him. He pleads with her to have faith in their relationship. (“hey now, hey now….don’t ever let them win”).

Despite the fact the optimistic chorus, Neil Finn implies fear and disappointment into the lyrics. In the second verse, he points out a flaw his girlfriend has and wishes she didn’t ignore the world’s problems. “Don’t Dream It’s Over” is not the standard relationship song. It explores the conflicts (both inner and outer), couples encounter as they date.


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