Single Review: Dream “He Loves U Not”

He Loves U Not
Album: It Was All A Dream
Year: 2000

Diana Oritz, lead singer of Dream, tells a promicious girl at her high school to back off her boyfriend in the verbal catfight “He Loves U Not”

A piano briefly begins the song. Then, over keyboards and electronic elements Dream dare to the girl to use her best lines and wear her most revealing clothes to attract Oritz’s boyfriend. They tell her point blank that he’s not going to sleep with her. (“Give it your all girl, give it all ya got/You can take a chance, take your best shot/Say what you want girl, do what you do/He’s never gonna, gonna make it with you”). Here, their voices appear be canned due to the overproduction.

Oritz scoffs at the girl’s cruel, smug way of taking a flower and saying “he loves me” to shake Oritz’s trust in her boyfriend.Oritz tells her she can pick as many flower as she wants, her boyfriend will still continue to date her. Oritz knows that once she walks away, the girl will be all over him and preening for his attention. Oritz’s tells her not to bother. Her boyfriend cares about her. (“Pulling petals off a flower trying to get your way/Keep pulling til’ it says what you want it to say/Girl you can pick a field full of daisies/But he’d still be my baby/I know you can hardly wait til I’m away from him/Instinctively, I know what you’re thinking/You’ll be giving him an open invitation/But my baby won’t be taken in”).

In the b-section, Oritz tells her she can make herself as attractive as possible and try to get to him cheat on her but it isn’t going to happen. Oritz and her boyfriend give each other space. (“You can pout your cherry lips/Try to tempt him with a sweet kiss/You can flaunt your pretty eyes/He ain’t got his hands tied”).

Oritz says that she doesn’t latch onto him like an accessory. He has freedom and really likes her. She comes back with the quip, “he loves me, he loves you not” from the girl’s bullying earlier. Oritz again says the girl can pull all her tricks but her boyfriend is not going to fall for any of them. (“No chains to unlock/So free to do what he wants/He’s into what he’s got/He loves me, he loves you not/No matter what you do, he’s never gonna be with you/he’s into what he’s got/he loves me, he loves you not”).

Oritz tells the girl she know exactly what type of behavior to expect and she’s prepared. The girl is impulsive and vapid. She’ll steal him away for fun or take him because she sees another girl has him. The girl isn’t interested in dating anyone for a long time and drops her boyfriends whenever she feels like it. She thinks she will become more popular or boost her self-esteem when a certain guy dates her. She also sleeps around and is sexually experienced. She’s aggressive and does anything to nab a guy for a week or so. (“You’re the kind of girl that is always up for do or dare/Only want him just because he’s there/Always looking for a new ride/The grass is greener on the other side/You’re the kind of girl who’s not use to hearing no/All your lovers try to take you where you wanna go…”).

Dream repeat the bridge, which began the song but with only a slight lyric change. Instead, they tell her to try again to hit on Oritz’s boyfriend. (“Give it your all girl, give it all ya got/You can take your chance at a second hand shot…”). Then, the b-section and chorus are sung again to close the single.

Teen pop has a habit of idealizing the teenaged girl: friendly, into stylish clothes, likes boys, wants to go the mall, lots of friends, etc. “He Loves U Not” is a twist on the genre. The girl of Dream are like a clique in high school who are standing up for their friend (and leader), Diana Oritz. Oritz handles herself well as she fights with the other girl in a smart and direct way. She calls the girl on her behavior, weakening the girl’s bullying. The other girls in Dream bring the nastiness: they tease the girl and slam her.

It’s an accurate song about girls in high school vying the same guy. Some girls don’t care and they’ll make up rumors, accidently “kiss” the guy, etc. Fighting between girls is mostly verbal and usually in a pack. Dream captures the not so nice part about dating in high school.


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