Single Review: JoJo “Not That Kinda Girl”

Not That Kinda Girl
Album: JoJo
Year: 2005

According to, JoJo’s fame has not gone to her head. In the “Not That Kinda Girl” music video, she avoids the “throng of exploding flashbulbs and jostling paparazzi… …the sight of her face on billboards behind the cars and her name in lights on the marquee of the venue, her destination.”

One major hit single and already JoJo’s escaping paparazzi. It took Madonna nearly 20 years before her fame became a subject for her music videos. Does the paparazzi even know JoJo exists?

Thankfully, the single itself has nothing to do with how famous she is. JoJo looks for a guy who will accept her the way she is in the energetic “Not That Kinda Girl”

JoJo adlibs some “yeahs” and “hmmms” to begin the single. She then sings the chorus. She pseudo raps that she’s not a underage beer-swillin’, hootchie-in-training, flaunting her pricey possessions because she can, girl. She wants to be upfront with the guy she’s interested in and to know what behavior to expect from him. She doesn’t like to fight over little things for an exciting relationship. She wants to be the girl next door. (“I’m not your every day, around the way/Don’t go bar-hoppin’, chillin’ on the block/On a cell phone frontin’,/Never that, cuz I’m not that kinda girl/I need to know how you roll/And how you get down no drama/Money in the bank/Take me home and meet your mama….cuz I’m that kinda girl/I’m that kinda girl”).

The verses are as speedy as the chorus as JoJo pseudo raps her way through. JoJo tells him that the necklace around his neck and Gucci clothes aren’t going to win her heart. She informs that she has money of her own and his trust fund is irrelevant to her. Seeing him brings a smile to her face and asks him to hang out with her. She wants to find out if he’s type of guy for her. (“Boy you aint impressin’ me/With your jewelry, your designer clothes/Or the games that you try to play/Think you need to know, I got my own/Don’t need you for your dough…make me smile, maybe we can chill/Cause I’m not your average, ordinary type/Could you be that kinda guy I like?”).

They are hanging out with her friends almost all evening, which irks him. He also isn’t pleased with her outward appearance and thinks she needs to change it. JoJo shrugs it off and says it’s the way she is. She ends the relationship and can’t trust him to be a loyal boyfriend to her. She’s not going to let him take advantage of her, either.(“Everytime I be up at the spot, chilling with my crew/We’ll be hanging out, get in a little late/You start bugging out/I dont think it’s fair/You don’t like the clothes I wear/How I do my hair/I don’t really care/But it’s not for you/And I ain’t got nothin’ to prove/There can’t be any us, if there can’t be any trust…I’m not that kinda girl to let you play me out”).

In the bridge, JoJo takes a much needed breather and takes the opportunity to belt some notes. After a talk, JoJo has decided to give him another chance. But on one condition: she’s her own her person and not someone to be molded in his idea of beauty. They argument they had is over. He’s willing to see her beyond her grungy sweatpants and tacky message t-shirts. She’s thinking it could be a long-term, loving relationship. (“You might take me shopping, but I’m not your property/If I don’t like it, I decided/I can make it on my own/As long as we disagree to agree…baby I’m what you want and we can build a love so strong”).

After the chorus, JoJo adlibs some “oohs” and “not that kinda girls” to end the single.

“Not That Kinda Girl” is sometimes hard to understand due to JoJo’s quick singing. It also pushes JoJo’s image as uninterested in the Lindsay Lohan lifestyle and humble pop star a bit hard. It’s already the second single in a row dealing with the issue. In turn, “Not That Kinda Girl” seems like a press release set to music.


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