Single Review: Mya “Case of the Ex”

Case of the Ex
Album: Fear of Flying
Year: 2000

Mya is perturbed that her fiance is talking to his ex-girlfriend in the insecure “Case of the Ex.”

Songwriter/producer Christoper “Tricky” Stewart (Britney’s “Me Against The Music”) introduces the single. Over cruddy keyboard beats and jingling percussion, he says “Red Zone, Mya, yeah, yeah/what what”).

Mya is lying in bed, overhearing her fiance’s conversation with his ex-girlfriend. She mocks his ex’s reasons for wanting to visit so late. Her fiance is not talking much and being vague which he how he acts when he speaks about any of his exes. She questions why his ex bothered to call. (“It’s after midnight and she’s on your phone/Sayin’ come over ’cause she’s all alone/I could tell it was your “ex” by your tone/But why is she callin’ now after so long”).

In the b-section, she interrogrates her fiance: does she want money, someone to talk to or she find out a gift her boyfriend bought for Mya. The ex doesn’t have a good reason for calling. They don’t have kids, bonding them together forever nor do they have any friends in common anymore. Mya tells him she doesn’t deserve any attention from him since she became a prositute briefly after their breakup four years ago. (“Now, what is it that she wants/Tell me what is it that she needs/Did she hear about the brand new Benz/That you just bought for me/’Cause y’all didn’t have no kids/Didn’t share no mutual friends/And you told me that she turned trick/When y’all broke up in `96”).

Mya’s afraid he will meet with his ex-girlfriend and fall in love with her all over again. She wants to know how he will react if his flirts or tries to have sex with him, etc. Trust is currently not a factor in this relationship. (“Whatcha gon’ do when you can’t say no/And her feelings start to show/Boy I really need to know – and/How ya gonna act/How ya gonna handle that/Whatcha gon’ do when she wants you back”). The chorus is repeated again.

She doesn’t want to hear any of his memories with her. She disregards them and tells him what’s the point in remembering since the relationship is over. She knows other women will hit on him and warns him not to be taken in. (“There’s no need to reminisce ’bout the past/Obviously ’cause that shit did not last/I know how a woman will try to game you/So don’t get caught up because baby you’ll lose”). Mya’s so placing the blame on the wrong gender. She’s worried about her fiance cheating but sees women as the threat. She needs to stop and think that her fiance is an equal participant.

Mya’s ready to thrown down in the bridge. She demands specific answers for his ex’s calls and why he is suddenly interested in talking to her. Well, probably to escape the third degree each time he dares to speak to another woman is a possibility. She’s ready to go over to his ex’s house and get violent. She insults his ex by saying she’s not pretty. In anger, she tells him his ex-girlfriend can him if she wants. She’s convinced he’s going over there to sleep with her and if he can see his exes, so can she. She tells him to shape up, lose his cheating ways or the wedding is off. (“Tell me why she on the phone in the middle of the night/Tell me why she in your life trying to get what’s mine/She don’t know me, she’s about to know me/I’m in your life that’s how it’s gon’ be/I seen her photo, she ain’t even all that/So if you want her back, you can take her back/’Cause game recognize game, I can do the same thing/Get it right, change or take back this ring”).

In “Case of the Ex,” Mya is a domineering, jealous girlfriend who drives her boyfriends away. Her fiance is simply a status symbol and a reason for her to think she’s above other women. She’s immature and yet in a serious relationship which she doesn’t trust the men she’s engaged to. The fiance is the sympathetic character in the song, as he attacked for answering the phone and then is told by Mya his life didn’t matter before her.


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