Single Review: Stacey Q “We Connect”

We Connect
Album: Better Than Heaven
Year: 1986

Stacey Q is in enamoured with a bad boy she met in at the dance club in the sultry “We Connect.”

Splashy drum machines and groovy synthesizers start the single. In her high-pitched voice, Stacey Q sings the chorus. She and the guy are the perfect match. When they spend time together, everything goes well. He’s passionate and she can’t get enough of him. (“We connect/When we’re together, it’s so perfect/Oh well you shock me with your white-hot love/I start to overload, I explode when we connect”).

He’s gorgeous and it’s not an overstatement. She is captivated by his good looks and likely to become popular by being seen with him at the club. (“It’s no exaggeration, not imagination/You’re the finest boy around/Playing with temptation, overnight sensation/With the boy from the wrong side of town”).

She flirts, asking him to kiss and hug her as they dance. She wants to him to focus only on her and dance with her all night. (“Give me your love and affection/Dance with me tonight/Give me all of your attention/Dancing in those lights”).

After the chorus is the instrumental section. The synthesizer grabs the most attention as its plinks and quietly pounds alongside the thrashing drum machines.

The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

The beat-driven “We Connect” relies too much on the chorus at times. However, without the chorus sung repeatedly, the single would only be two minutes long. Nonetheless, it still moves briskly and is an enjoyable retro song.


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