Single Review: 112 & Mr. Cheeks “Come See Me”

Come See Me
Album: 112
Year: 1996

Q, lead singer of 112, romances his ex-girlfriend in order to have sex with her again in the callow “Come See Me.”

Opening with the chorus, Q asks if she can come over and make out with him.
However, he dresses it up in sweet, inoffensive sentences. (“Baby you can come see me/Cuz I need you here with me/And I’ll show you what love is made of/Later on if you are free/Baby you can come see me/And I’ll show you what love is made of”).

After not seeing for a long time, he tells her he’s still sexually attracted to her and wants to sleep with her. He misses her touch the most and his other girlfriends wouldn’t as good as her. (“It’s been a while/And I’m sitting here thinking of/How it felt when we first made love/Oh I need that feeling again/Nobody can compare, so”).

In the pre-chorus, he tells that if she leaves with him that they will be intimate together and it will be great. However, he needs an answer. (“Come with me/And I’ll go with you/To this place that lovers dream of/We can do anything,/Sexy things/And I’m here to let you know”).

He remembers the scent of her favorite perfume and holding her in his arms. It made him feel tingly and he wants to revisit the rush. (“It’s been awhile/Thinking about the last time I held you/And the smell of your sweet perfume, babe/The way I felt when you left my room/Oh I wanna feel that way tonight”).

After the chorus is sung twice, Mr. Cheeks starts his rap. He’s direct which nabs him some brownie points. At least he’s not pretending some gentleman who’s only acting kind to get in a girl’s pants. He’s smarmy and sleazy, sure. However, he’s being himself. He likes how tight his ex-girlfriend’s bodysuit is and how it shows off every curve. He’s been wanting to sleep with her again for a long time and isn’t going to miss the opportunity to bring the subject up. He’s slept with plenty of women. However, she’s the only one that matters which is the most genuine lyric throughout the song. (“Now that bodysuit that your wearing girl/It fits you like paint/You think I’m gonna sit here/And pass this chance when I ain’t/I got some thoughts set on you/
How many things we can do/How many women in my life/But yet I only love you”).

She’s his top priority and remembers the first kiss they shared. He wants to give their relationship another try and apologizes for being a selfish boyfriend in the past. (“You’re number one on my list…I reminisce over our first kiss…let’s relight the candle/give this one more shot/I never meant to mistreat ya girl”).

The scuzzy “Come See Me” features a seemingly nice guy with an ulterior motive. It’s made worse by Q’s vocals, which drip with sugar. Although Mr. Cheeks doesn’t much rapping skills, he’s honest while saying exactly what he wants and manages to be sincere.


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