Single Review: Expose “Let Me Be The One”

Let Me Be The One
Album: Exposure
Year: 1987

By 1987, Expose were on their second and most successful line-up made up of Gioia Bruno, Jeanette Jurado, and Ann Curless. Together, they would garner seven Top 10 hits within the span of two years.

In the disco-influenced pop of “Let Me Be The One,” Gioia Bruno asks for a chance to prove her devotion to a guy she likes.

Low-key drums begin the song backed by lithe synthesized beats. Bruno believes some people don’t take love seriously and that it’s only entertainment. She’s never been in love and promises to be there for him. (“Sometimes people play with love/falling in love is just a game/Don’t think I don’t know love/you”ll never be alone again”).

Jurado and Curless provide background vocals, singing “let me…be the one.” Bruno wonders if she can be his girlfriend and be affectionate with him. He’s someone she wants in her life. (“Let me (show you how I feel)/be the one/that I need so much/Let me give you (warmth and thrill)/be the one/that I long to touch”).

With her expressive vocals, she says she has strong feelings for him and willing to sacrifice what’s necessary to make it happen. She wants to be alone with him. (“Only you can make me feel this way/I’ll give you all, come on let’s get away…I’ll give you more and more so”).

In the chorus, she’ll take responsibility for making sure their wishes are realized and be loyal. She wants to be the only one to love him wholly and be in his arms. Let me/be the one/(to hold on to the dream)/let me/be the one (you can trust me at anytime)/Let me/be the one (to give you all the love)/let me/be the one (to feel your tender touch”).

The spirited synthesizers are briefly given a solo.

At first glance, he looked familiar to her. She wants to be in a long-term relationship with him and has him vow that they will remain together. (” First time that I saw you there/thought I knew you from before/Promise me you will never leave/cause I will never let you go”).

In the chorus, she wants to be near her and believes their relationship is stable. She wants him to let her yearn for him. (“Let me (hold you close to me)/be the one (because our love is strong)/Let me (feel the need in me)/be the one (together we belong”).

In the bridge, she reveals he makes feel like a new person and knows he loves her as much as she does. They are meant to be together. (“Only you can make me feel brand new/I can feel it in my heart your love/is true/Together we are one instead of two/I want you more and more so”).

The last minute and a half has different variations of the chorus sung with a guitar solo to break up the monotony.


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