Single Review: S Club 7 “Don’t Stop Movin'”

Don’t Stop Movin’
Album: Sunshine
Year: 2001

S Club 7 urges people to dance and enjoy the music in the hearty beats of “Dont’ Stop Movin'”

An electronic voice with some string and drum accompiant begins the single. He tells the people to keep dancing to the group’s music. (“don’t stop movin’ to the funky, funky beat….don’t stop movin’ to the S Club beat”).

Bradley McIntosh is already in the club. He’s been there for awhile and invites his other friends. The DJ has been playing great songs all night and people haven’t left the dancefloor. He notes people escape as they move along and it’s the perfect night to go clubbin’. He tells his friend not isolate himself. (“DJ’s got the party started/there’s no end in sight/Everybody’s movin to the/rhythm that’s inside/It’s a crazy world/But tonight’s the right situation/Don’t get left behind”).

He feels his adrenaline pumping as he listens to one fast-paced song after another. They aren’t looking to go anywhere special, just a place where they can let go of the stress. He offers to teach his friend about the joys of dance music. (“I can feel the music/moving through me everywhere/Ain’t no destination baby/We don’t even care/There’s a place to be/If you need the right education/Let it take you there”).

Jo O’Meara tells his friend to let go and not be self-concious. She notices he likes the atmosphere. On the dance floor, he can be relax and be himself. (“Just go/with the magic baby/I can see it there in your eyes (I can see it there in your eyes)/Let it flow/Stop the waiting/Right here on the dance floor/is where you gotta let it go”).

In the chorus, they summarize the first and second verse, paraphrasing some of the lyrics. (“Don’t stop movin’/Can you feel the music/DJ’s got us going around, ’round/Don’t stop movin’/find your own way to it/Listen to the music/taking you to places that you’ve never been before/Baby now”).

The electronic voice returns telling people to move to the S Club 7 single. (“Don’t stop movin’ to the funky funky beat/Don’t stop movin’ to the S Club beat”). Strings start and stop quickly which is similar to their presence in disco music.

O’Meara says he will be to know when he’s euphoric and feel his pain slipping away. She says to be creative and that anything goes. (“You can touch the moment/Almost feel it in the air…ain’t no mystery/Just use your imagination/Let it take you there”).

After the pre-chorus and chorus, the electronic voice once again makes an appearance. (“don’t stop movin’ to the funky, funky beat…don’t stop movin’ to the S Club beat”). It’s a modern take on the common disco element.

O’Meara belts with her Christina Aguilera-esque pipes that his friend needs to do what’s right for him and have fun. (“Forget about your fears tonight/Listen to your heart/Let’s just touch the sky (listen to your heart)/No need to reason why/Just listen to the sound/Let it make you come alive”).

After the chorus is sung twice, the single ends as it how began: the electronic voice (“don’t stop movin to the funky, funky beat…don’t stop movin’ to the beat”).

S Club 7 is a talented group of young people who sing their hearts out. They are able to save cliched lyrics with their clear, energetic vocals. Jo O’Meara is the star here, though. Her vocals are powerful and electric. It’s unfortunate she doesn’t have a solo career..

The addictive, vigorious beats of “Don’t Stop Movin'” makes the single among the cream of the crop of European pop music.


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