Single Review: TLC & Lil’ Jon “Come and Get Some”

Come and Get Some
Album: Now & Forever: The TLC Hits
Year: 2003

Chili and T-Boz freak and dirty dance in the club with Lil’ Jon in the stiff pop of “Come and Get Some.”

Lil’ Jon begins with the song immediately with his gravelly, nails-on-chalkboard shout. Jagged beats can barely be heard in the background. Lil’ Jon the song is about to start and to get ready to hear some southern rap. He notices attractive women in the room and says it’s a TLC. Having Lil’ Jon collaborate with TLC is unexpected. Otherwise, it could’ve been anybody. The mention of the group is actually useful and serves it purpose. (“We gon’ start this thing alright (Say what)/We got the Dirty South in the house tonight (Yeah)…we got the ATL in the house tonight (Yeah)…there’s some sexy ladies in the house tonight (Okay)…we got TLC in the house tonight”).

Chili and T-Boz then tease the men in the club. They bring their butts to floor to let guys get a good view of it. Then, they shake, spin, and dance backwards with their butt up high into the air. They wonder if the guy is going to stand there or move with them. (“Baby, if I drop it down to the ground/Then put it in the your face/Now what you gon’ do/Shawty, if I shook it and turned around/And back it up on ya/What you gon’ do”).

If the guys like what they see, they can join T-Boz and Chili. Lil’ Jon noisily chimes in halfway through. (“If you want some, come get some/If you want some, come get some/If you want some, come get some/If you want some, Shawty, come get some”).

T-Boz takes careful precision in deciding her attire and hairstyle for the club. She makes sure to put some tight jeans which would show off her butt. Then. she and Chili arrive and begin dancing right away. T-Boz thinks guys are intimidated by their good looks and fantastic moves.But the guys are more than welcome to join them. (“Went to the club, you know I gotta gig it up/Make sure my hair looks right/Know I’m lookin’ good, wanna throw my butt jeans on/Show me my ass, look tight/Ooh, we look tough and we start doin’ our strut/Move to the beat, get some/Don’t think you really want none/But if you want some, get some”).

The women of TLC are known at the club. The regulars expect them to impress everyone. Afterwards, they go out for a really early morning breakfast at the Waffle House. Once again, T-Boz says the are originals and no one is as hip as they are. (“Girls from the South know when I’m tryin’ start out/Fellas know what it’s all about/Shake it in the club, then take you out to grub/Down at the waffle house/We gon’ get crunk, we know how to show you love/Can’t nobody do it like us/Don’t think you really want none/If you want some, get some”).

Southerners take their clubbing seriously. They have the latest, most popular music and keep going all night until the morning. She doesn’t think people will be able to keep up but if they can stand their own, they party in Atlanta’s finest clubs. (“If y’all don’t know in the South/We keep the party jumpin’/From dusk till dawn we keep it crunk/We keep the masses bumpin’/Y’all don’t want none…but if you think you can hang with the A/Don’t front, come get some”).

Sean Paul, a member of the Eastside Boyz makes an apperance. He introduces himself to TLC. He wants to touch their butts and likes how they look in their tight jeans. They have to be from the South from the plump size of their butts. He tells them money isn’t an object but thinks they are well-off, too. He’s not going to go anywhere unless he hears the cops. (“What’s happenin’, Shawty, it’s Sean Paul from the Eastside/Wanna grab them thighs, baby, lots of grip applies/Love the way your jeans fit ’cause your hips wide/I know you from the South, I can tell from your backside…money ain’t a thang, especially if you act right/A young Shawty, but I’m sure you got your own money/The only time you see me runnin’, baby, if the po’ comin'”).

He asks them to do their “come get some” dance again and makes his intentions known again. He tells him he’s not lying and to give him a call sometime. (“Shawty lookin’ good, do that dance/I’m pretty sure you know I know what’s in them pants…Oh, no, Shawty, I don’t play/Baby, if you hit me on the hip then I’ll be in it…”). Sean Paul breezes through his section.

In the bridge, Lil’ Jon announces that they are going to do the A-Town Stomp. The music calms down with only sparse beats in the background. (“Now right about now (What’s up)/We gon’ break this thang down (Well, break it down then)/If you know how to stomp (Stomp)/
We need y’all to crank it on up (Let’s go)/Like this (Like this)/Do the A-Town Stomp…do the A-Town stomp, hey”).

The song ends with the chorus sung three times.

Chili handles the choruses effectively and manages to steal the spotlight somewhat from the attention-hungry Lil’ Jon. T-Boz is uncomfortable and out of place in the verses. Crunk is not TLC’s style.


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