Single Review: Amanda Perez “Never”

Album: Angel
Year: 2003

Amanda Perez is pining for a guy and regrets ignoring him in the lumbering R&B single, “Never.”

She met him when she was going through a rough period. He was someone she could turn to and understand her. He joked around with her and became a true friend to her. She had a boyfriend at the time. Although, she was only dating him because she thought she liked him. Then, she realized she liked her guy friend. (“You walked into my life, when I was down and out/Took away my pain and gave me your smile/And at the time, still lovin’ someone else/But not knowing why ’cause the reason why I felt the way I felt/And then one day I realized you were the one for me/I was so blind, but baby now I see”).

If she were dating the guy she likes now, she wouldn’t break up with him. She would plead with him not to leave her and spend time with her. She adds she wouldn’t cheat or manipulate him.(“And I’ll never let you go, no, no, no/I love you so/And I’ll get on both my knees and I’ll beg you please/Will you spend the rest of your life with me/Cause I’ll never babe/Want to let you go, oh/And I’ll never play, no, no, no ,no, no, no, no”).

She could kick herself for not paying attention to her guy friend’s signals. If she had known he was going to be a great guy who’d she come to love, she would’ve broke up with her boyfriend immediately. Then, she would’ve started dating him. However, she turned her guy friend down for a date and hurt him. (“I wish that I could turn back the hands of time/Cause if I would’ve knew your love was like this/Back then I would’ve made you mine, oh yeah/If I had to die a thousand times a day/I would do it for you, just to take/The pain that I have given you away/Cause I love you and I never want to”).

She asks for his forgiveness in the bridge. (“I’m sorry (oh yes I am)/I’m sorry (I’m so sorry baby”).

The single ends with the chorus being sung once.

“Never” dawdles as Perez fumbles the notes with her tuneless voice.


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