Single Review: Anastascia “Welcome To My Truth”

Welcome To My Truth
Album: Anastascia
Year: 2004

Anastascia is finally comfortable being herself in the emphatic “Welcome to My Truth.”

Anastascia sings over a calm guitar that her depression feels like it didn’t even happen. She was a shadow of herself and pretended to be who she really was. Now, she’s glad to be living. She had to learn the hard way to be happy. (“Sentimental days/In a misty clouded haze/Of a memory that now feels untrue/I used to feel disguised/Now I leave the mask behind/Painting pictures that aren’t so blue/The pages I’ve turned are the lessons I’ve learned”).

The guitars and drums boom as she shows a person how she’s changed within. She doesn’t want anybody’s sympathy. Her life is better again and she’s determined to reach her goals she set a long time ago. She’s dealt with adversity in her life and made it through. She’s ready to talk about what happened with the people she shut out. (“Somebody bring up the lights I want you to see/(Don’t you feel sorry for me)/My life turned around/But I’m still living my dreams/(Yes it’s true I’ve been)/I’ve been through it all/Hit about a million walls/Welcome to my truth.. I still love/Welcome to my truth.. I still love”).

The tears and loneliness she felt throughout her depression are still with her. She’s put it behind her. (“Tangled in a web/With a pain hard to forget/That was a time that I’ve now put to rest/Oh, the pages I’ve turned are the lessons I’ve learned”).

After the chorus, the single ends in a calm manner as Anastascia expresses again how far away her hard times seem to be. (“Sentimental days/In a mist of clouded haze/Of a memory that now feels untrue”).

Anastascia’s powerful, strong voice fits into the Matrix-esque rock of the single with ease. Unlike other songs where she sounded bored or restricted, Anastascia gets into “Welcome To My Truth.” She’s assured and eager in her vocals. It’s a signficant improvement over the other singles from her self-titled album.


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