Single Review: Expose “Exposed To Love”

Exposed to Love
Album: Exposure
Year: 1986

Then-lead vocalist Alejandra Lorenzo of Expose falls in love for the first time in the adequate “Exposed to Love.”

After some glittering keyboard effects, the Mega Man-inspired synthesizers and drum machines start the single. Lorenzo and her guy friend have finally discussed their relationship and have decided to be a couple. It wasn’t until she met him that she felt real love. She sees a twinkle in his eyes when he speaks to her or notices his smile widening a bit more than it usually would. She intends to be intimate with him. (“Changing stages to the love and games/Silent whispers in the falling rain/It took your heart to expose me to love/There’s a look, there’s a look in your eyes/And in your smile even just for a while/In the still, in the still of the night/I’ve got to show you baby how I feel/And melt you with my love”).

In the chorus, she says she has never felt this way about anyone before (“Exposed to love/Never felt like this love/exposed to love/never felt like this love”).

She desperate for him to pay attention to every word she’s saying. She’s opened herself up to him. But she can’t really express in words to him. However, she will be able to at night. (“Hear my echos, they are not in vain/Listen to me before I go insane/You found a way into my open arms/Like the stars, like the stars heart to heart/Is there a way for me to sing you this song/In the heat, in the heat of the night/I’ve got to show you baby how I feel/And melt you with my love”).

After the chorus is sung twice, a guitar makes a brash appearance while the synthesizers ring in the background.

Lorenzo once again states she’s going to be affectionate towards him. (“I’ve got to show you honey how I feel/And boy I’ll melt you with my love”).

The chorus is sung a mind-numbing five times to end the single.

Lorenzo’s tendency to overcompensate for her weak vocals by using a pseudo-operatic voice is unintentionally laughable. The main problem with Lorenzo is that her vocals aren’t appealing.

The disappointing “Exposed to Love” shows the breakup of the original Expose was for the better. While the original group made have had the beats, they didn’t have the charisma.


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