Single Review: Lumidee & N.O.R.E “Crashin’ A Party”

Crashin’ A Party
Album: Almost Famous
Year: 2003

Lumidee gets past the velvet rope and enters through the V.I.P. entrance in an exclusive, trendy club in the haughty “Crashin’ A Party.”

DJ Ted Smooth introduces the single with the standard DJ variation of asking people to put their hands in the air. Rapper N.O.R.E. adds “what what” in the background. DJ Ted Smooth says his music is what brings people to the club. However, he only wants celebrities and socialites to hear it, though. Normal clubgoers are considered undesireable. Well, that’s one way to alienate the target audience of regular people who buy music. (“…Hands in da air like (what what)…We tear up da club and we don’t want all nighters, just V.I.P insiders”).

It’s Saturday and Lumidee thinks she needs flaunt herself somewhere. She calls up her girlfriends and they decide to meet at midnight at the club. She’s been looking forward to clubbing all week with her friends. She’s going to use her V.I.P. status to get into the club and feels above waiting outside in the lines. (“Baby it’s Saturday night and I’m feelin’ hype/don’t wanna let this weekend pass me by so/I called up my girls like “yo let’s meet at 12 ’cause we out tonight”/I’ve been waitin’ for this night all day…I know it’s gonna be tight but I ain’t waitin’ on no damn lines tonight”).

She’s in the mood to invite herself to a party. She points out that she’s V.I.P. and entitled to do what she likes. She tells people that they can admire her style but believes trends are only available for her to wear. She wants the other girls to be her followers, essentially. (“I feel like crashin’ a party/V.I.P don’t try to stop me/you can like my style but don’t copy/Ladies let me know if you got me”).

Everyone from her neighborhood is in the club and staring at her. She likes the attention and looks for the nearest crack dealer. Well, thug but same difference. The crowd is getting into the music and she heads to the floor. She lies and says she doesn’t clubbing all the time and likes the energy at the club. (“I’m up in the club the whole hood is there/all eyes on my..yes I’m aware/so you know I love my thugs…now the croud is jumpin’ so I make my way to the floor…I don’t do this all the time but I’m feelin’ the whole vibe tonight”).

Rapper N.O.R.E. is up next. Finally, someone who isn’t a snob and thinks they are the hottest thing to grace the mall. N.O.R.E mostly rambles. But the gist is that he has a girlfriend who came from a poor neighborhood. She’s now living comfortably and they dance in the clubs all the time. (“I’m always chillin with my lady and dem/I got them living hood rich like baby and dem the go woah woah/we still together baby we gotta hit up da clubs that’s like forever baby”).

The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

“Crashin’ A Party” is unredeemable due to Lumidee’s spoiled, superior attitude towards people who aren’t her. Lumidee is like the people who are at the run-of-the-mill suburban club, dressed up to the nines. Holding their drinks mouth-level, giving people wearing street clothes and not dancing very well dirty looks. It’s a DJ spinning some songs in a public place with lots of lights. It’s not a dinner party.


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