Single Review: Missing Persons “Destination Unknown”

Destination Unknown
Album: Spring Session M
Year: 1982

Dale Bozzio, lead singer of Missing Persons, thinks about the future in the ironic “Destination Unknown.”

Bozzio comments that life’s uncertain. People don’t know what their getting into until they are actually involved in a situation. It could prove be positive or negative. One small event could turn it upside down, leaving someone in doubt. (“Life is so strange when you don’t know/How can you tell where you’re going to/You can’t be sure of any situation/Something could change and then you won’t know”).

The self-reflection is washed away with a wink and splashy guitars. One of the male band members takes the first lyric as the narrator for someone’s mind. (“you ask yourself”). Then, Bozzio offers her opinions on people and their worries about their future. She thinks people obsess about it and overexaggerate it, believing it could be the next month. Bozzio, however, still sees the future as far away and doesn’t really care. She blows it off. (“Where do we go from here/It seems so all too near/Just as far beyond as I can see/I still don’t know what this all means to me”).

According to Bozzio, people put in their minds that their lives mean nothing. However, she goes about life, ignoring time and doing her own thing. It doesn’t bother that her whole isn’t figured out yet. (“So you tell yourself/I have nowhere to go/I don’t know what to do/And I don’t even know the time of day/I guess it doesn’t matter any way”).

She enjoys the unfamiliarity of life and is up for the challenge. (“Life is so strange/Destination unknown/When you don’t know/Your destination/Something could change/It’s unknown/And then you won’t know/Destination unknown”).

She sees people fretting and thinking their lives are over. Bozzio, however, will pick up and go if something isn’t working out. She’s self-reliant and will be able to move onto something else. (“You ask yourself/When will my time come/Has it all been said and done/I know I’ll leave when its my time to go/’Til then I’ll carry on with what I know”).

The chorus is sung twice to end the single.

Bozzio is playful and ditzy in her vocals. However, there’s the sense she’s misleading people and hiding her intelligence. “Destination Unknown” is a straight to the point and tightly written. It successfully address people’s usual concerns about their lives without being patronizing or elitist.


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