Single Review: Q-Feel “Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop”

Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)
Album: Q-Feel
Year: 1982

Heaven is the ultimate dancefloor for Q-Feel lead singer Martin Page in the offbeat pop of “Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop.)”

A note on the keyboard soars in the beginning of the single. Then, a guitar is added while the keyboard beeps in the background for 30 seconds. Page asks people if they ready to listen to the single and starts the first verse. He instructs people on how to move to the song. (“Are you ready?/here we go/Slow-Slow- Quick Quick Slow/Slow-Slow- Quick Quick Slow”).

It’s night time and he’s preparing for his flight to heaven. A friend of his does a countdown while he waits with anticipation to go to that great big disco in the sky. He’s the only person to (“Countdown/It’ getting to the flight time/Night stars are shining in my eyes/My shoes are going to be the first ones/To dance deep up in the skies”). Like applause, the drums are thunderous as Page takes off.

It’s a feat he’d didn’t think he ever accomplish. (“Dancing in heaven I never thought I could get my feet this far/(Orbital Be-Bop)/Dancing in Heaven I never thought I could get my feet this far/(Orbital Be-Bop)/(Kick it out”).

He choreographes another routine for the listeners. (“Slow-Slow- Quick Quick Slow/Slow-Slow- Quick Quick Slow”).

He’s excited to be the first person to dance the Bassa Nova and not feel the ground. He talks to the woman on the radar and says he’s going to make a baby with her. Then, he’ll bring the baby to space and have it experience what he is right now. (“I’ll be the first to Bassa Nova/Ten thousand miles above my legs/You dear, my lady on the radar/I’ll bring a child to outer space”).

The drums are promiment in the bridge as the keyboard buzzes. He announces he’s arrival. For him, he can hear the the creaks as the Earth rotates on its axis, stars exploding, and comets zipping past him. However, he sees aliens and notifies the woman on the radar right away. (“Hey, here I am/I hear the universe sing/the celestial scream/I am not alone/Are you receiving me clear/there’s others out here”).

The bass swooshes while the keyboard riff continues in the background during the dance break. The chorus is repeated three times. The bridge is extended for another minute. The keyboard is hushed while the guitar creates an awestruck tone. The drums heighten the atmosphere. Page adlibs “orbital be-bop” to the music.

After the chorus, another dance breaks begins. The keyboards creates a spinning sound as the bass gets dominant. The drums punctate the spinning sound with a pounding each time. An impatient guitar tries to take over but doesn’t quite succeed.

The chorus is sung another four times. Then, control room noises end the single as various buttons are pushed. An ominous note is held for the entire section until the single ends.

The bizarre premise of “Dancing In Heaven” works. Without the words, it could pass for an early techno song.


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