Single Review: Taylor Dayne “Tell It To My Heart”

Tell It To My Heart
Album: Tell It To My Heart
Year: 1987

Taylor Dayne wants a commitment from her boyfriend in the high-strung “Tell It To My Heart.”

Honeyed synthesizers and a rowdy drum machine open the single. Dayne is satsified physically in the relationship and enjoys their intimate moments together. Their nights are intense and overwhelming. She wants to be held in his arms and stay there for as long as she can. However, she doubts if he truly loves her. (“I feel the night explode when we’re together/Emotion overload in the heat of pleasure/Take me I’m yours into your arms/Never let me go/Tonight I really need to know”).

Although she thinks he cares for her, she needs to hear it from him. She doesn’t know if it’s only a casual or serious relationship. But each time she sees him, her hormones jump. (“Tell it to my heart/Tell me I’m the only one/Is this really love or just a game?/Tell it to my heart/I can feel my body rock every time you call my name”).

She’s enthusiastic about him. However, she will be comfortable giving more of herself if she could read him and figure out how he feels about her. They’re close and she can intuitively sense him even if he’s not with her. But she just wants to hear an “I love you.” (“The passion’s so complete, it’s neverending/As long as I receive the message you’re sending/Body to body, soul to soul/Always feel you near/So say the words I long to hear”).

Dayne comments in the bridge that their lack of communication about the issue is causing tension between them. She doesn’t want to break up with him but they are barely hanging on. (“Love, love on the run, breaking us down/Though we keep holding on/I don’t want to lose, no I can’t let you go”). The synthesizers are chipper but overpowered by Dayne’s vehement vocals.

The chorus is sung again. Dayne also adlibs some parts of it to end the single. (“tell it to my heart….tell it to my heart. tell me from the start, tell it to my heart/Never make it stop, oh, take it to the heart/Tell it to my heart”).

From the start, Dayne’s vocals are fierce and at full volume. While it serves to show off her impressive range, it tends to bury every instrument used in the single. It ends up being a bit much. There isn’t any feeling or passion, only one loud, monotonous note after the other.


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