Single Review: Norah Jones “Come Away With Me”

Come Away With Me
Album: Come Away With Me
Year: 2002

Norah Jones dreams of escaping with her lover and touring the countryside together in the blissful “Come Away With Me”

A private, whispered tone is set by the piano and acoustic guitar which begin the single. In a low, passionate voice Jones suggests things or places they can go. They do not want to part and end the perfect moment they are sharing together. She will compose a song for him. (“Come away with me in the night/Come away with me/And I will write you a song.”).

She says they could travel by bus to their destination. There, other people in their lives will not try to taint or belittle for their feelings for each other. (“Come away with me on a bus/Come away with me where they can’t tempt us/With their lies”).

As long as she’s with him, it doesn’t matter where they go. She envisions a flawed, cotton colored sky as a romantic day as they walk through a maze of tall grass. (“I want to walk with you/On a cloudy day/In fields where the yellow grass grows/knee high/So won’t you try to come”).

Together, they’ll claw their way to the highest mountain. Although they would perhaps be bruised, scratched, and sunburned, she will still see him as the man she fell in love with. (“Come away with me and we’ll kiss/On a mountain top/Come away with me/And I’ll never stop loving you”).

The electic guitar has a solo. It lingers and graces the notes. It’s as though Jones and her lover are mulling the situations and imagining them happening as they lay in each other’s arms.

She expresses one last moment she would like to eventually have with him. She would like to be sleeping next to him while she hears the tapping of rain on the roof of their home. (“And I want to wake up with the rain/Falling on a tin roof/While I’m safe there in your arms/So all I ask is for you/To come away with me in the night/Come away with me”).

The lush “Come Away With Me” is like overhearing a couple’s intimate conversation as they talk of the future they hope to have together.


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