Single Review: Toni Braxton “Another Sad Love Song”

Another Sad Love Song
Album: Toni Braxton
Year: 1993

For Toni Braxton, every song played on the radio is a reminder of her ex-boyfriend in the calculated “Another Sad Love Song.”

Braxton has been sitting around her home, upset and analyzing what could’ve led to the breakup. To get away from the constant thoughts occuping her mind, she decides to go in her car. She’s turns on the radio and the song triggers a memory. (“Since you been gone/I been hangin’ around here lately/With my mind messed up/Jumped in my car tried to clear my mind/Didn’t help me/I guess I’m all messed up now baby/Soon as I jumped into my ride/Those memories start to play/A song comes on the radio/And there you are baby once again”).

The depressing break-up song she hears mirrors her situation and feels too real for her. She then begins to tears up. The song could be either a ballad or dance but the lyrics get to her. She’s missing him. (“It’s just another sad love song/Rackin’ my brain like crazy/Guess I’m all torn up/Be it fast or slow/It doesn’t let go/Or shake me/And it’s all because of you”).

She’s been wondering what he’s been doing and she begins to almost cry. When she sleeps, she dreams that he is with her. However, she wants to dwell on the past and goes into her car when she begins to forget him. (“Since you been gone/I keep thinkin’ about you baby/Gets me all choked up/This heart of mine keeps/Dreamin’ of you and it’s crazy/You think I’d had enough/As soon as I get you out my head/I’m in my car again/Just one request from the radio/I’m back in love sugar once again”).

In the bridge, Braxton recaps a usual single. Then, she breaks down. It’s pounded into listeners’ head practically with exclamation mark that the song is about a breakup. (“Here comes the strings/Then somebody sings/Only takes a beat/And then it starts killin’ me darlin’/Only takes one note, I tell ya/From that radio/It’s just/Another/Lonely/Love song”).

The generic single intends to show off Braxton’s strong, controlled voice. But it does so at the expense of any emotion she could’ve conveyed. With every low growl and note scaling “ooh’s,” Braxton chews the notes.


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