Single Review: American Hi-Fi “The Geeks Get The Girls’

The Geeks Get The Girls
Album: Hearts on Parade
Year: 2005

Lead singer/drummer Stacy Jones believes every awkward guy deserves to get the most prettiest girl at least once in the realistic, affable “The Geeks Get The Girls.”

The drums are frantically tapped to open the single while a guitar joins in with a svelte riff. But the above average buildup is watered down to the current standard “punk” formula. The guitar strums a knowing riff while Jones sings in the background. Then, some flashy drums barge in the middle for emphasis. It’s become the rock version of the “Gong Show.” With every drum interruption, listeners should expect to be laughing out loud.

However, Jones’ tale is worth hearing. He sings about the regular guy who spends most nights at the bar with his friends playing darts and looking at girls. However, he’s nervous and scared to approach them. But this Friday is unique. The girl he’s been eyeing all night is heading straight for his table. He takes a shot of his drink, hoping to intoxicate himself enough in a few minutes to inhibit him. All the lines he’s heard are running through his head as he tries to think of something to say.

But Shy Guy (for sake of brevity) draws a blank and can barely say a vowel, let alone a sentence. (“Another Friday night, to get the feeling right/At the bar when he sees her coming over/What you gonna do, if she walks up to you/Tongue tied better get yourself together/Pound another drink, to give him time to think/What’s your sign hey I think you know a friend of mine/
All the stupid lines, that he had ever heard/Wouldn’t come to mind he couldn’t say a word’).

Jones is rooting for him. If it were up to him, the smooth, handsome guys would get passed over for dates all the time. The regular guys would be appreciated for their smarts and quirks. (”
Tonight tonight, he’s gonna get it right/Even losers can get lucky sometimes/All the freaks go on a winning streak/In a perfect world, all the geeks get the girls”).

Shy Guy has made it through the initial small talk and are on the dance floor. But her name has already slipped his mind as he holds her close to him. Shy Guy, probably drunk by now from all those shots to get rid of his nerves, gathers some courage. He asks if she wants to go over to his place or hers. The girl leaves, leading him to think he blew it. Dejected, he walks back to his car but discovers the girl has been waiting for him. (“Got her holding steady, forget her name already/Sweatin’ hard not a smooth operator/She’s got it going on, dancing to her favorite song/He’s got the line is it your place or mine/She turns and walks away, where did he go wrong?/But waiting by the car, she says what took you so long”).

The next morning, he wakes up but is disappointed to see the spot next to him is empty. He was hoping she’d be there. A few minutes later, the girl enters his bedroom with some coffee and smiling. Shy Guy can’t believe he just had his first one-night stand. (“The very next day, he guessed she ran away/The one and only in his bed so lonely/But she comes walking in, with coffee and a grin/Crazy as it seems, it wasn’t just a dream/And all around the world, people shout it out/The geeks get the girls”).

The chorus ends the single.

Unlike other songs in the genre which insults unpopular people, Jones applauds them and wants them to do well.


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