Single Review: Lumidee “Never Leave (Uh Ooh! Uh Ooh!)”

Never Leave (Uh Ooh! Uh Ooh!)
Album: Almost Famous
Year: 2003

Lumidee is devoted to her new boyfriend in the flat “Never Leave (Uh Ooh! Uh Ooh!)”

The “Diwali Riddim” sample by Steven “Lenky” Mardsen opens the single as Lumidee shyly sings “uh oh” over it. It will also be heard throughout the song.

She says she’ll be honest with him. Her vocals are echoed in this section, making the lyrics unintelligible. (“Honestly/If I tell/Tell you what/What you want to know love”).

She semi-raps in the verses as the music speeds up its tempo. He’s the only guy she’s seeing and going to be her first priority. If another guy hits on her or tries to steal her away, she’ll turn them down. She wants their relationship known to everyone, especially to his friends. (“There ain’t another/I don’t want no other lover/I put nothin’ above ya/I kick them to the gutter/They tryin’ to shake me/Ya know ya lovin’ me crazy/Look at us lately/And tell ’em whose your lady”). “Uh-ohs” are sung in the background.

She didn’t think she would fall for him and he would make her happy. Their relationship is secure. So far, they haven’t faced any problems which could end it.(“I never thought you’d be the one/To make me shine brighter then the sun/There ain’t no ups and downs/No ins and outs/We’re here right now”).

She would like the relationship to be long-term and she hints at the subject in the chorus. If he’s interested, she’s willing to commit herself to him and love him. (“If you want me to stay/I’ll never leave you/If you want me to stay/We’ll always be/If you want me to stay/Love endlessly/If you want me to stay/If you want me to stay/Then I’ll never leave you”).

He’s returned her romantic feeling and she boasts that they are the perfect couple. Now, they will be able to withstand any test life gives them. (“Now that your loving back/We’re happy it’s a fact/Can’t nothin’ hold us back/We got this in the bag/There ain’t no maybe/No question of your baby now/Look at us lately/And tell ’em whose your lady”).

The pre-chorus and chorus is repeated again. Lumidee “uh oohs” several times to close the single.

The “Diwali Riddim” sample dominates the entire song. There isn’t an original note used at all. Lumidee can’t save it, though. Her vocals are spiritless. It’s as though she didn’t have any interest in the single at all.


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