Single Review: Mario “How Could You”

How Could You
Album: Turning Point
Year: 2005

Mario is repulsed by his girlfriend after discovering her infidelity in the one-sided, unforgiving “How Could You.”

Mario pays attention to the minor details about his girlfriend. Only to then use it against her in arguments. He knows she grew up in a lower class neighborhood and didn’t have much. He was the Henry Higgins in the relationship. He bought her fashionable clothes, refurbished her car, and had her live in his spacious home. He mentions he knows the date of her birthday also but says she doesn’t know his. (“It’s kinda crazy baby/How I remember things, (like where you came from and how you had nothin’)/I went and made you fly/Put extras on your ride, (didn’t miss a birthday now you can’t even remember mine”).

In the pre-chorus, Mario believes she didn’t love him from the start. He may not have noticed the signs before but he does now. He thinks she’s manipulative and was only trying to get expensive things from him. In a cruel and low accusation, he even says her family thinks she’s nothing but a freeloader, too. (“You made it clear to me (you wasn’t down for me)/
(I may be blind baby) but now I see/(you had things up your sleeve, don’t even lie to me) I even heard it from your family.”)

Mario’s misery is over the loss of the intimacy in their relationship. She slept with someone else in their bed and used the same nicknames. She began to care more about her lover than him. He feels abandoned by her. (“How could you let somebody lay where I laid?/
How could you give him everything that we made?/How could you call him all the names that you used to call me?/How could you how could you just forget bout me?/How could you teach him all the things I taught you?/How could you put him up to the ghetto karma sutra?/How could you put me in the back and give him the front seat?/How could you how could you just forget bout me?”)

His girlfriend must’ve told him to calm down but it makes him angrier. Throughout the relationship, he provided for her financially. He pulls a guilt trip, saying he was just about to buy an engagement ring. He enjoys her crying over this fact and kicks her out of the house. He tells her that she can live with her lover. Before she thought of being honest and try to make things work, she shouldn’t have slept with the other guy. He’s appalled by her behavior. (“You must be out ya mind/You got alot of nerve (to think that I’m gone chill after all the s*** I heard)/I damn near carried you/I could’ve married you/Good thing I found out before I bought that 7 carat for ya/(I know your sick about) the way I found you out/(Go head and pack it out) I hope he’s got room in his house/You should have thought of me before you hopped in the sheets/Damn I can’t believe that you did this to me”).

Mario says he did everything for her in the bridge. But he received nothing in return. She had it made with him. He’s decided to look for another woman to share his wealth with. But even after he molded her into the woman he wanted her to be, someone else is going to date her. (“Girl I tried to give you everything/Can’t believe the ways you repaid me/Girl you had it all/But I guess my all wasn’t good enough for you/Baby I’ve accepted it/And I ain’t gone trip/Girl I’m movin’ on/Sometimes I can’t help but think that another man’s gonna get the one I made for me”).

The chorus ends the single.

Mario is the type of guy who keeps score. If she had cheated or not, he would’ve found some way for her to feel guilty. He feels like she owes him. However, she could never repay him back. Mario takes credit for every single one of her accomplishments (i.e. references to making her who she is.). In the end. she should be grateful for dating him.

Nonethless, the shallow, misogynistic “How Could You” places the blame only on the woman when it’s apparent Mario has some control issues.


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