Single Review: Rob Thomas “Lonely No More”

Lonely No More
Album: Something To Be
Year: 2005

Rob Thomas is hesitant to love again in the soulful “Lonely No More.”

Steel drums and a background singer going “ahhh” open the single. It then gives away to a cagey Mid-Eastern beat.

The Mid-Eastern beat disappears into a rumbling bass in the verses. Thomas doubts if the relationship is actually something real at first. She’s using the right phrases. But he finds words are meaningless right now. He needs to her show her emotions, not tell them. Although he likes the way she is, he needs her to promise that this is who she is. He needs reassurance she will be in his life for a long time.(“Now it seems to me/That you know just what to say/Words are only words/Can you show me something else/Can you swear to me that you’ll always be this way/Show me how you feel/More than ever baby”).

He’s been alone for years (perhaps). Past relationships have not worked out and he’s become disillusioned. He no longer wants his raise his hopes, only to to bitterly break up later. He expects honesty (“I don’t wanna be lonely no more/I don’t wanna have to pay for this/I don’t want to know the lover at my door/Is just another heartache on my list/I don’t wanna be angry no more/You know I could never stand for this/So when you tell me that you love me know for sure/I don’t want to be lonely anymore”).

The background singers “whoa whoa oh whoa-oh” between the verse and the chorus.

He’s still recovering from his last heartbreak from a while ago. He can’t quite trust her yet despite caring for her. He wants to learn everything about her. She’s compatible with him and they have a lot in common. He doesn’t want to push her away anymore. (“Now its hard for me with my heart still on the mend/Open up to me, like you do your girlfriends/And you sing to me and it’s harmony/Girl, what you do to me is everything/Make me say anything; just to get you back again/Why can we just try”).

The background singers “whoa whoa oh whoa-oh” again.

In the bridge, he wonders how the relationship would be. If he treated her well, she would be as kind? Would they be able to communicate by only touching? Would it be a wonderful, healthy relationship he had always wanted? Would it lead to a lifetime commitment? (“What if I was good to you, what if you were good to me/What if I could hold you till I feel you move inside of me/What if it was paradise, what if we were symphonies/What if I gave all my life to find some way to stand beside you”). Strings actually make an appearance at the “what if we were symphonies,” replacing the keyboards which had started the section.

The chorus ends the single.

Thomas is cautious in “Lonely No More.” However, he gradually warms up to the idea of falling in love with again. By the end of the single, it’s possible that his feelings for her are going to overcome his fear of being hurt.

“Lonely No More” is distinctive from his music with Matchbox Twenty. It has a bit R&B in it, similar to Maroon 5’s style of rock.


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