Single Review: Stacie Orrico “Stuck”

Album: Stacie Orrico
Year: 2003

Stacie Orrico is being led on by her boyfriend in the over-embellished “Stuck.”

The single begins immediately with Orrico singing. She is unable to forget her boyfriend or get rid of her feelings for him. (“I can’t get out of bed today/Or get you off my mind/I just can’t seem to find a way/To leave the love behind.”) A chirpy bass can be heard underneath her vocals.

In the bridge, her vocals become temporarily fuzzy as she denies that she isn’t upset. She only wants to talk to him again. She says that her boyfriend knows what she’s trying to say. Umm…Stacie, you clearly said it. She isn’t being tongue-in-cheek and the phrase only uses its single meaning. “You know what I mean” only works well when it means something else. Orrico wasn’t even near the continent of its usual meaning.(“I ain’t trippin’/I’m just missing you/You know what I’m saying/You know what I mean.”)

She continues that he has been cold with her and giving her clues. She doesn’t understand why he wants to hurt her. She listened to his problems and did his homework for him. But he was using her. (“You kept me hanging from a string/Why you make me cry?/I tried to give you everything/But you just gave me lies.”) A cheap Mid-Eastern beat slinks along in the background.

The Mid-Eastern beat is replaced by some faux-rocking guitars in the second half of the bridge. She hopes he would still call her, though. She wants him to say he regrets ignoring her. But it’s not going to happen and she feels stupid for thinking it. (“Every now and then/When I’m all alone/I be wishing you would call me on the telephone/Say you want me back/But you never do/I feel like such a fool/There’s nothing I can do/I’m such a fool/For you.”)

The faux-rock leds to the chorus with some tame drums. She’s heartbroken and realizes she needs to let him go. However, she still wants to spend to time with him. She’s can’t hide her confusion any longer. Although she can’t stand him for being a jerk, she still likes him. (“I can’t take it/What am I waiting for?/My heart’s still breaking/I miss you even more/And I can’t fake it/
The way I could before/I hate you but I love you/I can’t stop thinking of you/It’s true/I’m stuck on you.”)

The Mid-Eastern beat returns for the short verse. A random saxophone squeals before Orrico starts singing again. Meanwhile, the keyboard joins in to add some eerie noises. She says that her lovelife has been warped lately. She wonders why everyone, including her, willingly allows themselves to be manipulated and toyed with. (“Now love’s a broken record that’s/Been skipping in my head/I keep singing yesterday/Why we got to play these games we play?”)

After the bridge and chorus, Orrico “aahhs” while the guitar has a solo. The bridge and chorus are repeated twice. The Mid-Eastern beat closes the single.

Stacie Orrico has a pretty, developing voice. However, “Stuck” itself is inconsistent and busy. There are two trendy styles competing for attention: rock and Mid-Eastern beats. Then, there’s the appearance of silly noises which is unnecessary. Rock, the one style which does work, is only used for the choruses. It gives the single its drama. But it’s thrown into this nasty pop music brew filled with every indigredient possible. In turn, it makes it indistinguishable from everything else in it.


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