Single Review: Avril Lavigne “Fall To Pieces”

Fall To Pieces
Album: Under My Skin
Year: 2005

Avril Lavigne tries to be strong for her boyfriend, who’s moving away, in the inviting “Fall To Pieces.”

Meditative guitars start the single. It’s their last day together. She can’t look him in the eye as she fights back tears. He tries to calm her, telling that they will stay in touch and really doesn’t want to move. She had planned on being with him for a long time. She hopes to keep her composure and not to break down. (“I looked away/Then I look back at you/You try to say/The things that you can’t undo/If I had my way/I’d never get over you/Today’s the day/I pray that we make it through/Make it through the fall/Make it through it all.”)

In the chorus, she says she wants to remember every detail about him. She prefers to be silent and sob uncontrollably than have a long, useless talk with him saying he’ll miss her. She doesn’t want to hear it. She’s fallen in love with him, making his leaving hurt that much more. (“And I don’t wanna fall to pieces/I just want to sit and stare at you/I don’t want to talk about it/And I don’t want a conversation/I just want to cry in front of you/I don’t want to talk about it/’Cause I’m in love with you.”)

He was someone she saw herself growing old with. He is able to give her persceptive when she’s confused. He also holds her when she’s upset. (“You’re the only one/I’d be with till the end/When I come undone/You bring me back again/Back under the stars/Back into your arms.”)

In the bridge, she wants to learn everything about him: what situations made him who he is. But she’s unsure if the relationship will last and if it’s truly over. She’s has many questions about what’s he’s thinking. would he be willing to have a long-distance relationship? Is he trying to only appease her when he says they will be together again? (“Wanna know who you are/Wanna know where to start/I wanna know what this means/Wanna know how you feelWanna know what is real/I wanna know everything, everything.”)

She’s afraid to address her concerns out of fear. At the end, she says she’s in love with him. (“I’m in love with you/Cuz i’m in love with you/I’m in love with you/I’m in love with you.”)

Lavigne usually opts for directness in her relationship songs. However, in the introspective “Fall To Pieces,” she makes the conflict internal, hiding her misery. It makes her human, vulnearable to her own desires. Lavigne is heading in the right direction by adding layers to the tough girl image.


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