Single Review: George Michael “Faith”

Album: Faith
Year: 1987

George Michael ends a casual sexual relationship to find one with substance instead in the upfront “Faith.”

An organ begins the song, creating the atmosphere of atonement and reawakening. Then, an assertive guitar accompanies Michael as he compliments his date’s attractive body. The woman’s gorgeous and he’s not likely to have sex with anyone as good looking as her ever again. He opts to think about the emotional consequences and politics which go on. He’s worn out and disillusioned with casual sex. While it seem appealing, it’s actually hollow. He breaks up with her.(“Well I guess it would be nice/If I could touch your body/I know not everybody/Has got a body like you/But I’ve got to think twice/Before I give my heart away/And I know all the games you play/Because I play them too/Oh but I need some time off from that emotion/Time to pick my heart up off the floor/And when that loves comes down/without devotion/Well it takes a strong man, baby/But I’m showing you the door.”)

In the chorus, he says has to believe he will find a woman who will like to spend time with him and have long conversations. (“‘Cause I gotta have faith/I gotta have faith/Gotta have, gotta have, gotta have faith, faith, faith.”)

His date is telling him not to go. His leaving her is causing her to be upset. However, he doubts she really truly wants him. He remembers last night and another woman who tried to have a relationship without strings attached. But she intended to make the rules. He already is feeling used and ashamed for allowing it happen. Before he lets the casual relationship go any further, he lets her know he believes it to be a naive idea. It only leads to confusion and heartache. He wants someone who will comfort him and support him. His date doesn’t have any of those qualities.(“Baby/I know you’re asking me to stay/Say please, please, please don’t go away/You say I’m giving you the blues/Maybe/You mean every word you say/Can’t help but think of yesterday/And another who tied me down to loverboy rules/Before this river/Becomes an ocean/Before you throw my heart back on the floor/Oh baby I reconsider/My foolish notion/Well I need someone to hold me/But I’ll wait for something more.”)

Michael scats over honky-tonk guitars. He then repeats the “before this river becomes an ocean…but I’ll wait for something more.”) The music goes silent as he proclaims that he “has to have faith.” It abruptly ends with Michael saying he has to have “faith, faith, faith.”

During the late ’80s, AIDS became a major issue. The cautionary, safe sex message of the single is apparent as Michael implies with sleeping many women on a regular basis. The blunt “Faith” says those type of relationships should be avoided.


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