Single Review: Simple Plan “Shut Up!”

Shut Up!
Album: Still Not Getting Any…
Year: 2005

Pierre Bouvier has a temper tantrum in the irksome “Shut Up!”

Raucous guitars start the single, setting an unruly and defiant tone. Bouvier spits that the his parents are self-centered and controlling. They only talk to him to tell him what’s he doing wrong. He thinks his parents treat him like a child. As he stomps around like toddler every time they try to give him some helpful advice. (“There you go/You’re always so right/It’s all a big show/It’s all about you/You think you know/What everyone needs/You always take time/To criticize me.”)

He grumbles that nothing he does is good enough. He’s had enough of them trying to correct his behavior and not making him the center of attention. (“It seems like everyday/I make mistakes/I just can’t get it right/It’s like I’m the one/You love to hate/But not today.”)

In the chorus, he yells at his parents to shut up and leave him alone. He’s going to do whatever he wants do. He’s beautiful in every single way no matter what they say. He won’t be brought down today. (“So shut up, shut up, shut up/Don’t wanna hear it/Get out, get out, get out/Get out of my way/Step up, step up, step up/You’ll never stop me/Nothing you say today/Is gonna bring me down.”)

He says his parents don’t care about his life and that they are fake. He thinks his parents act holier-than-thou. But he’s say they’re not. Bouvier, an effective insult usually means a harsh antonym and a witty turn of phrase. The phrase used is stalled in the driveway, coughing up smoke. (“There you go/You never ask why/It’s all a big lie/Whatever you do/You think you’re special/But I know, and I know/And I know, and we know/That you’re not.”)

He adds his parents use his misbehavor against him. (“You’re always there to point/Out my mistakes/And shove them in my face/It’s like I’m the one/You love to hate/But not today.”)

After the chorus, he emphasizes that he’s beautiful. (“Will never bring me down.”)

In the bridge, he says he doesn’t want to live by any rules or have values instilled in him. He wants to do whatever without any consequences. He says they don’t matter and will disappear from his life. (“Don’t tell me who I should be/And don’t try to tell me what’s right for me/Don’t tell me what I should do/I don’t wanna waste my time/I’ll watch you fade away.”)

After the chorus, the “bring me down” and “shut up” are said concurrently. Then, Bouvier says “shut up” three times to end the single.

The childish “Shut Up! ” Bouvier has put his parents in the position where they can’t do anything right. Any civil conversation is likely to lead to a fight. His selfish attitude is ironic considering he says they are self-absorbed


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