Single Review: Weezer “Buddy Holly”

Buddy Holly
Album: Weezer (Blue Album)
Year: 1994

Rivers Cuomo shrugs off the cool kids’ taunts in the savvy “Buddy Holly.”

Gruff guitars accompany Cuomo as he tries to understand why people would mock his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend are harmless and haven’t bothered them at all. (“What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl/Why do they gotta front/What did we ever do to these guys/That made them so violent.”)

But Cuomo says they have each other. He may look a little geeky with his glasses but he’s still memorable like Buddy Holly. He compares his girlfriend to Mary Tyler Moore, a sweet and kind person. He’s not going to even think about the kids say anymore. He rather hang out with his girlfriend. They’re not mainstream, so what? (“Woo-hoo, but you know I’m yours/Woo-hoo, and I know you’re mine/Woo-hoo, and that’s for all time/Woo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly/Oh-oh, and you’re Mary Tyler Moore/I don’t care what they say about us anyway/I don’t care ’bout that.”)

He reassures her that he may be there for her. She’s shy and stutters when she talks. She needs someone to help her get through the verbal abuse she faces every time she walks down the hall. (“Don’t you ever fear, I’m always near/I know that you need help/your toungue is twisted your eyes are slit/you need a guardian.”)

In the bridge, the bullies are coming after them. They knock hard on the door, causing Cuomo and his girlfriend. His girlfriend stays out of view while he scurries around, losing his shoe in the process. He can’t fight at all. His girlfriend begins to nervous. (“Bang! Bang a knock on the door/Another big bang you’re down on the floor/Oh no! Whatta we do/Don’t look now but I lost my shoe/I can’t run and I can’t kick/What’s a matter babe are you feelin’ sick/What’s a matter, what’s a matter, what’s a matter you?/What’s a matter babe, are you feelin’ blue? Oh-oh!”)

He says he’ll stick up for her whenever he needs her. He’s not going anywhere. (“And that’s for all all time/that’s for all all time.”)

The chorus ends the single with Cuomo defiantly saying “I don’t care ’bout that.”

“Buddy Holly” manages to make retro pop culture references without trying to be up-to-date and with it. Cumo comes across a friendly guy who is unfortunately made fun of. But he will have his revenge: being in a cult band that will be remembered years after they were originally popular.


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