Single Review: Pretty Poison “Catch Me (I’m Falling)”

Catch Me (I’m Falling)
Album: Hiding Out soundtrack
Year: 1987

Lead singer Jade Starling is reeling with happiness in the zesty dance-pop of “Catch Me (I’m Falling”).

Earnest strings and drums start the single as though it were a ballad. Starling begins with the pre-chorus. She’s excited about her new relationship and has already fallen in love with him. She hopes he will say “I love you” to her. (“I am descending/From heaven above/
So catch me I’m fallin’ baby/Hold onto my love.”)

The buoyant keyboards and synthesizers accompany her as she coyly asks him to respond to her strong feelings. (“Are you ready boy?/here I come, catch me I’m falling.”) Before the first verse the synthesizers and drum machines have a solo, creating a pert tone.

She was attracted to the sparkle in his eyes. It blew her away. She only wants to date him now. He’s flawless to her. (“You came into my life/The look in your eyes/Took me by surprise/It’s you/And nobody else/Your love has made me/So blind I can’t see.”)

The pre-chorus is less than a breath later. (“I am descending…hold onto my love.”) Starling yelps an “ow” and says she is in love. The keyboards beep after the first “catch me.” The second time, her vocals are manipulated to repeat the “ca-ca” part of “catch.” (“Catch me I’m falling/Catch me now I’m falling/Catch me I’m falling/Catch me now I’m falling/Falling in love.”)

The rapid pace continues as the second verse starts. They both gaze into each other’s eyes and feel their hearts beating together. She’s not scared of getting hurt which makes her able to be herself around him. (“Two hearts beating in time/The rhythm as one/I am yours, you are mine/For you/I surrender myself/Each night, every day/Always feeling this way.”)

She has the butterflies in her stomach when she sees him. He pays attention to her needs and returns her love. She doesn’t quite understand it but she likes what she’s feeling. (“Falling in motion/As though I had wings/Your sweet love and devotion/Baby it’s magic/A magical thing.”)

After the chorus is a dance break. Spiffy record scratching is then followed by the sound of glass breaking. Next, the drum machine lingers on a long, low note. It then repeats a second time. Starling’s vocals and clinking synthesizers replace the drum machine. She simply says “catch me.” The synthesizers continue as Starling’s vocals are cut apart to only say the first syllable of “fall.” Finally, an electric guitar bursts into its solo.

After the pre-chorus and chorus, Starling adlibs some “oohs, I’m fallin'” to end the single.

Despite Pretty Poison being a one-hit wonder, “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” is a recongnizable and consistent dance song.


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