Single Review: S Club 7 “Two In A Million”

Two In A Million
Album: S Club
Year: 1999

In the Miami 7 series episode, “The Man From E.M.I.,” Jo takes her boyfriend granted. His constant letter writing to her is too much. She decides to break up with him in her next letter, with her friends’ help. But her boyfriend has arrived in Miami, wanting to spend time with her.

Jo O’Meara believes she and her boyfriend are made for each other, however, in the cordial ballad “Two In A Million.”

After some sweeping keyboards, O’Meara says her boyfriend is unlike the other guys she’s met. She fell for him at first glance. She can express her most painful secrets and craziest aspirations to him. Before they met, they thought they were at the peak of their lives. However, it wasn’t. (“Out of all the boys, you’re not like the others/From the very first day, I knew we’d be lovers/In my wildest dreams, my darkest desire/Would I declare to you, your love takes me higher/Just when we both thought our lives were set in stone/They shone a light, and brought us together.”)

Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt, and Rachel Stevens join her for the chorus. O’Meara says they are two unique individuals who found each other. They lead rich, plentiful lives which some people aren’t able to have. Regardless of what happens to them, they are bound together by their love. (“We are two in a million/We’ve got all the luck we could be given/If the world should stop, we’ll still have each other/And no matter what, we’ll be forever as one.”)

O’Meara says life is a constant process with many twist and turns. One twist could mean something positive and the turn could be a negative situation. When she’s depressed and lost, she talks to him. It’s a relationship people didn’t think would last. But they are proving people wrong by working through their problems and having a great relationship. (“It’s a crazy world, where everythin’s changin’/One minute your up, and the next thing you’re breakin’/When I lose my way, and the skies they get heavy/It’ll be ok, the moment you’re with me/No-one would have guessed we’d be standing strong today/Solid as a rock, and perfect in every way.”)

After the chorus, O’Meara gets a chance to show off her pristine vocals by belting “forever as one.”

The chorus is sung three times to close the single.

The cohesiveness sets S Club 7 apart from the Spice Girls and other British pop groups. Whether when it’s only the young women (like in the single), men or both, the vocals are crisp and mesh well.


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