Single Review: Shania Twain “Up!”

Shania Twain
Album: Up!
Year: 2003

Shania Twain is having a terrible day but figures it can only get better in the merry “Up!”

A good-humored guitar strums the opening notes as Twain says she’s feeling cheerful. (“I”m going up/oh, I’m going up, up, up, up, up.”)

People won’t leave her alone. They keep asking her to do chores or answer questions which she rather not deal with at the moment. It hasn’t been a smooth day. Whatever can go wrong already has. (“It’s ’bout as bad as it could be/Seems everybody’s buggin’ me/Like nothing wants to go my way/yeah, it just ain’t been my day/Nothin’s comin’ easily.”)

She spots some pimples on her face and dies of embarassment. She would give anything to be a man at that second. Then, she could have a beard and worry about her face looking greasy. (“Even my skin is acting weird/I wish that I could grow a beard/Then I could cover up my spots/not play connect the dots/I just wanna disappear.”)

Since the worst has happened, the best is sure to come, as she sings in the chorus. (“Up, up, up/Can only go up from here/Up, up, up, up/where the clouds gonna clear/Up, up, up/There’s no way but up from here.”)

On the way home from work, she didn’t stop at the gas station like she usually does. She’s ready to burst out in tears. However, she decides to laugh it off instead. (“Even something as simple as/Forgettin’ to fill up on gas/There ain’t no explanation why/things like that can make you cry/Just gotta learn to have a laugh.”)

After the chorus, Twain simply sings “oh yeah, yeah, yeah” which segues to the bridge. She reassures people the bad day is only temporary. Things will work out and tells them to hang in there. (“When everything is goin’ wrong/Don’t worry, it won’t last for long/Yeah, it’s all gonna come around/Don’t go let it get you down/You gotta keep on holding on.”)

The first verse and chorus are sung again.

At the end, she says she’s nearing her usual good mood. (“Oh, I’m going up/Oh, I’m going up/Oh, I’m going up/Oh, I’m going up/Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.”)

“Up” is like a musical poster with the little kitty hanging in the tree with the saying “hang in there!” But like the poster, it’s insincere and forced. Even when Twain is supposedly feeling awful, she’s still somewhat cheerful. Twain comes across one of those annoying people who are consistently saving face. Even after their computer crashed or if they got yelled at their boss. She’s about looking positive. Even though she’s likely to be secretly plotting ways to destroy the boss or aching to break the computer into bits.


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