Single Review: Akon “Lonely”

Album: Trouble
Year: 2005

Akon pines for an ex-girlfriend he disposed of in the pathetic “Lonely.”

A demented chipmunk voice sqawks the chorus, which is sampling Bobby Vinton’s “Mr. Lonely” in the opening. (“Lonely, I’m Mr Lonely/I have nobody/For my own/
I’m so lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely/I have nobody/For my own/I’m so lonely.”)

Akon has a pretentious spoken intro. He dedicates to the creeps who treated their loyal girlfriends cruelly. Then are astounded that the girl had to the nerve to get herself some self-esteem and go. (“Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there. Ya know got that one good girl whose always been there. Like ya know took all the bull**** then one day she can’t take it no more and decides to leave.”)

As he’s sleeping, he remembers not to move to the left too much or otherwise he’ll crowd her space. But he doesn’t have to. He realizes she’s not beside him. He then starts to do some self-examination and find out what he did. He’s been lost without her. (“I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn’t by my side, coulda sworn I was dreamin’, for her I was/Feenin’, so I had a take a little ride, backtracking over these few years, tryna figure out what I/do to make it go bad, cuz/Ever since my girl left me, my whole life came crashin’.”)

He’s feels stupid for allowing her to dump him. They had a lot of drama, which was caused by him. She probably waited around, thinking he would change. But he never did. He knows he had a wonderful, rare person who loved him for his faults. However, he took her for granted. He vows to apologize and do whatever necessary to get her back in his life. (“Can’t believe I had a girl like you and I just let you walk right outta my life, after all I put you/through you still stuck/Around and stayed by my side, what really hurt me is I broke your heart/baby you were a/good girl and I had no right, I/Really wanna make things right, cuz without you in my life, girl.”)

He’s traveled to various countries and a majority of the girls he met were flaky and superficial. His ex-girlfriend was strong and bright. He didn’t think she would ever gather her self-respect and take a plane back home. He’s looking her up, calling her friends and trying to find out where she is. He wants her back. (“Been all about the world ain’t never met a girl that can take the things that you been through/Never thought the day would come where you would get up and run and I would be out chasing you/Cuz ain’t nowhere in the globe I’d rather be, ain’t no one in the globe I’d rather see then the/girl of my dreams that made me be so happy but now so lonely.”)

He thought it was a silly fight and she would run in his arms the next morning. He has delusions that she’s actually playing hard-to-get and asks her to return home. He apologizes for yelling at her and wants another chance. (“Never thought that I’d be alone, I didn’t hope you’d be gone this long, I just want you to call my phone, so stop playing girl and/Come on home (come on home), baby girl I didn’t mean to shout, I want me and you to work it out, I never wished I’d ever/Hurt my baby, and it’s drivin; me crazy cuz.”)

The chorus is yipped three times to end the single.

The plagiristiac single depends on the melody of the sample carry it. “Lonely” is without despair or longing. With Akon, it’s like he’s lost a pencil not the love of his life. A disgrace of a single who’s only true benefit is paying Bobby Vinton’s bils. At least some good can come out of it.


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