Single Review: Bananarama “I Heard A Rumour”

I Heard A Rumour
Album: Wow!
Year: 1987

Gossip is spreading quickly in Bananarama’s group of friends about their former crush in the sassy “I Heard A Rumour.”

Flashy synthesizers open the single which leads to the first verse. One of the girls (for instance, Keren Woodward) had a A friendship with a crush went sour. He didn’t return call her like he said. Woodward’s girlfriends had warned her about him, saying he would only mess around with her heart. When she confronts him to talk about the gossip, she is certain to tell him she’s glad it didn’t work out. (“Who needs friends who never show/I’ll tell you what you want to know/I could have saved a broken heart if I found out long ago/I’m just thinking about those lonely nights/when I waited for your call/’Til I found out all my friends were right/I didn’t know you at all.”)

It turns out her crush is now telling their mutual friends that she hurt him. (“I heard a rumour/they say you got a broken heart/I heard a rumour (yes, I did boy.”)

Her girlfriends said he’s not the same guy he was before. She tells him she doesn’t want to get her hopes up and thinks he’s only a playing a game. If anything, she wants him to learn a lesson from it. She’s not convinced he’s changed and rejects his offer for a date. She can’t pretend to the last couple months didn’t happen. (“Now it seems they’re telling me/you’ve changed your wicked ways/But should I give you a second chance/baby, I’m too afraid/So you realize what hurt you made and the love you threw away/How can I forgive or soon forget/it’s never gonna be the same.”)

After the chorus, the part of the first verse is sung again (“I’m just thinking about those lonely nights…I didn’t know you at all.”) The chorus is sung one more time to end the single.

“I Heard A Rumour” finds Bananarama leaving behind their social message pop music behind for a sleek Stock-Aiken-Waterman sound. However, Bananarama bring intelligence and personality to the light material.


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