Single Review: Clay Aiken “This Is The Night”

This Is The Night
Album: This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water single
Year: 2003

Clay Aiken seizes the day and kisses his longtime crush in the sapless “This Is The Night.”

Awestruck pianos begin the song. Strings hum in the background as Aiken says he’s a jumble of emotions now. Before he met her, his life was routine and unexciting. But now that he’s alone with her and exchanging knowing glances, he decides it’s the perfect time to kiss her. He figures he may not have the chance ever again. A kiss is meaningful to him and every one is special.(“When the world wasn’t upside down, I could take all the time I had/But I’m not going to wait when a moment can vanish so fast/’Cuz every kiss is a kiss you can never get back.”)

Aiken bellows, requesting she look as deeply into his eyes as he is into hers. He’s been eager to share his feelings with her and have them returned. It’s the night he’s been dreaming about for years. (“Lift me up in your eyes/If you told me that is what Heaven is, well, you’d be right/I’ve been waiting forever for this/This is the night.”)

He sings different lyrics to the pre-chorus, which is only a contrivance for him to show off his vocal range. Although they’ve shared a “moment,” he hesitates telling her how strong his feelings actually are. But then, he stops second-guessing himself and talks. (“When the answer to all my dreams is as close as a touch away/Why am I here holding back what I’m trying to say?”)

Aiken preaches in the bridge it’s the night which fate has set the directon of their lives together. They will be together forever. (“This is the night where we capture forever and our tomorrows begin/After tonight, we will never be lonely again.”)

The chorus ends the single.

The toneless “This Is The Night” purpose is to have Aiken belt one glory note after the other. While he has the correct vocal technique, his vocals lack charm and fervor. He may as well as be singing to a telephone pole and not a woman.


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