Single Review: Kelly Rowland “Train On A Track”

Train On A Track
Album: Simply Deep
Year: 2003

Kelly Rowland is enchanted by a new love in the girlish “Train On A Track.”

A sparkly guitar and polite bass open the single. A breathless Rowland says “and there’s no way to stop it.” Next, her vocals for “I wonder” are obscured and fuzzy. This will continue for every other lyric. She thinks if he glances her way when she’s not looking or if he can sense her feelings for him. She dreams about him every night holding him tight. She believes they are compatible and will be able to make anything happen. Like change the weather into a fine rain. (“I wonder/if he knows i’ve been watching him/and I wonder/if he knows I can feel him/and I wonder/in my dreams when I’m sleeping, and I’m keeping him close to me/I’m thinking/he’s the thunder, I’m the lightning/and I’m thinking/maybe we can come together/and I’m thinking/we can bring the rain with a lovely breeze with such harmony.”)

Rowland cannot stop falling for him, as she explains with smart similes. Her feelings grow and grow, without any end in sight. (“like a train on a track like spokes inside a wheel/involuntary motion like rolling down hill/and there’s no way to stop it/it’s a natural thing like sunrise and dusk/snowflakes, waterfalls same thing like us/and there’s no way to stop it/once you fall in love.”)

She’s beaming and giggling out of sheer joy. She’s learning more about her new love everyday. She’s picking daffodils off her lawn and making wishes. She’s pressing her fingers to her lips to give faraway kisses to her boyfriend. She’s receiving roses from him. She feels free, as though she can go anywhere her heart desires. Challenges no longer seem to be something to be afraid of. She’s relieved to have found someone she has always dreamed about. (“I’m glowing/and overflow of happy laughter/I’m growing/closer to you more than ever/I’m blowing/daffodils and kisses, baby breaths, and roses gently/touching noses/I’m sailing/without a destination/I’m sailing/explore uncharted places/I’m exhaling/no more lonely seasons, I’m underwater breathing/drowning in the sea of love.”)

In the bridge, she takes in the beauty of springtime. Birds singing in the trees, bulbs slowly freeing themselves from the ground, an old couple walking through the park and holding hands and people rooting for their favorite Little League team. She noticed a blue sky scurrying away gray clouds and two roses growing in a tree. (“I heard a songbird, a seed came through the earth/strangers holding hands, a crowd cheering in the stands/I’ve already seen the evidence/it’s obvious love’s in the air again/saw dark clouds blow, chased by rainbows/saw two roses bloom just like me and you/caught up in the magic I can’t pretend/it’s obvious love’s in the air again.”)

A variation of the chorus ends the single. Rowland sings that they are in love. (“there’s no way to stop it, no way/boy you and I/are l-u-v in love you see/that you and I, are l-u-v in love/boy you and I/are l-u-v in love you see/there’s no way to stop it, no way/boy you and I/are l-u-v in love you see/that you and I are l-u-v in love.”) The spelling out of love as “luv” fits the feminine, romantic tone of the single.

The sweet and soft “Train On A Track” bests any of the Destiny’s Child ballads. Whenever Destiny’s Child officially disbands, Rowland should release another solo album.


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